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akefield Bridge steel shingles are produced by a local Ottawa, Ontario roofing manufacturer called Ideal Roofing which was established in 1929 and has a longstanding, well trusted reputation. Ideal Roofing uses state-of-the-art multi-blanking lines with levelers to process cold rolled and galvanized steel. This high quality steel will eventually be used to add great strength and durability to customers’ homes once installed as a Wakefield Bridge shingle.

The blanking and leveling process ensures a perfectly flat shingle every time along with pinpoint accuracy for each shingle’s width, height and thickness. This level of quality surpasses industry standards in the metal roof marketplace which is just another reason Ideal Roofing now has over 250 employees working out of their two rapidly expanding Ottawa and Brampton based factories.

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The Benefits of Wakefield Bridge

wakefield-installation-ottawa1Wakefield Bridge is a premium quality stone coated steel shingle which is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners and businesses. This product has a variety of benefits and advantages over the more commonly used asphalt shingle.
Enhanced Style and Beauty For Your Home
Energy Star Compliant – Spend Less on Heating
Lasts 3-4 times As Long As 3 Tab Asphalt Shingles
Home Value Booster – Sell For More and Sell Faster
Keeps Your Roof Well Protected From The Weather
Almost No Maintenance Required
Don’t Worry About Replacing Your Roof For 50 Years!
Despite being constructed out of hardened steel Wakefield Bridge boasts a 60% or more weight reduction when compared to asphalt singles, concrete and clay tiles, cedar shakes and slate tiles.

Wakefield Bridge Features

Ideal Roofing the company behind Wakefield Bridge shingles is proud of their successful product and all the great features it has to offer. Here are some of the features our clients like most:
50 Year Limited Warranty
Tough Cold Rolled Steel Construction
Dynaprime Corrosion Resistant Primer
Bonderite 1402w Cromate Corrosion Resistance
Galvalume Zinc / Aluminum Protective Armor
More Eco Friendly Than Asphalt – Recyclable
Fire Resistant
9 Stylish Colours
Impact Resistant
Wind & Hurricane Resistant
Will Not Crack or Rot
Wakefield Bridge is quite different from other steel roofing shingles. These are crafted with four specially designed interlocking sides with an easy application nailing strip which leaves no fasteners exposed to the elements. Wakefield Bridge steel roofing shingles are covered in a Kynar 500 resin with a stucco embossed finish which provides corrosion resistance, enhanced durability and an attractive, well distinguished appearance.

If you are thinking about getting Wakefield Bridge shingles installed on your roof, you may want to get a quote. Our prices for quotes on metal roofing projects range from $100-500.

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