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Stretch ceilings consist of a thin suspended PVC or fabric membrane mounted on a track. These suspended ceiling systems provide a perfect and flawless look to any room they get installed into. At Lucas Contracting, we install stretch ceilings in homes and businesses around Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. The type of ceiling we install has been featured in prestigious buildings like the Trump hotel.

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The installation process is really quite painless for the homeowner. The new ceiling is mounted on a track that runs around the perimeter of the room and is fitted over the existing ceiling. Generally a medium sized room can have a stretch ceiling fully up and installed in a matter of hours. To make things better you don’t have to move all your furniture out of the room because there’s no dust and debris to worry about. Light fixtures, sprinklers, fire alarms, accessories and grilles are attached to the ceiling by way of the proprietary background support system which stays hidden out of view.

Stretch ceilings have a very unique, high end, modern look which will enhance the aesthetics of any room in your house. This type of ceiling gives off a look of perfection and sophistication.
Class 1 Fire Safety Rating.
25 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Unique, Sophisticated Look.
Environmentally Friendly.
Quick Installation Process.
No Dust and Debris During Installation.
Retains Shape, Color and Clarity for Products Lifespan.
Made of Recyclable Materials.
Fire, Water and Moisture Resistant.
Many Options To Suit Your Style.
Doesn’t Hold Odors, Bacteria, Moisture or Dust.
No Maintenance Required.

At Lucas Contracting we install stretch ceilings with product that offers you a solid 10 year warranty.
Stretch ceilings create a unique visual effect which isn’t possible to replicate using other ceiling materials. For both large or small spaces, residential or commercial applications, stretch ceilings are a great choice, these types of ceilings will surely enhance the look of your living space and add some very unique styling to your home.

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