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save-with-solar1More people in Ottawa are thinking green and saving a lot of money in the process. It’s possible to go green in many aspects of your life. You may have made the decision to start recycling paper and plastic in your home. You may be purchasing organic products for cleaning your home. You may even be driving a hybrid car. These are all ways to go green.

When you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make a considerable impact on the planet, you can make the decision to switch to a renewable source of energy. You can pull energy from the sun using solar panels. This will convert the sun’s energy into clean power to operate your home’s various lights, appliances and more.

Solar panels can last up to 25 years, providing many benefits during that time. While there is an initial investment to consider, they will pay for themselves within the span of eight years.

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save-with-solar2You may also be hooked up to the electric grid or choose an off the grid solar setup because you want independence from the power company. If you are trying to make a stand for non-polluting energy sources, this is a great way to do so. You will not be able to sell excess energy back to the power company however, your morals will be completely intact.

The stand-alone system of not being connected to the grid does not take as much setup as with an on grid energy system. The reason is because there is not grid tie inverter to mesh the energy sources together in the home. Installation can be handled by solar technicians to ensure the wiring is done properly and the panels are installed securely on the roof.

The installation of the panels is significantly more important in an off grid setup because it is your only source of energy. If your panels are not able to pull enough solar energy, you won’t have enough kilowatts to operate everything inside of your home at once. You do not want to get into the situation of having to pick between running your refrigerator or your air conditioning unit, so it is best to maximize the pull of your panels.

Grid-tied Microfit and FIT systems are Ontario based government programs where all power generated from your solar energy system is sold directly to hydro company for profit. You sell what you generate at a fixed rate with a 20 year contract and can buyback what you need to run home and business. Microfit is a residential program for systems 10kw or less – FIT is a program for commercial large scale projects over 10kw.

Net metered systems are setup so that the power generated from your solar energy system will pay the difference between what you generate and what you use.

When you have an off grid set up, it is best to consider the solar panel array. The size of your building, the pitch of your roof and your energy needs will greatly impact whether you need panel trackers. These will help shift the panels over the course of the day to follow where the sun is the strongest. This process can increase your energy by 30 to 60 percent, which will be enough to provide you with more than enough power for all aspects of your building’s operation

Our knowledgeable solar technicians can work with you to take advantage of various technologies that will provide you with a reliable power source that will also reduce your costs. When you are trying to operate without the use of any electricity, your system needs to perform in a clean and stable environment. This means trusting the advice of professionals from the selection to the installation.

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