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elux skylights are a great way to enhance the look of your home with a natural lighting spectrum that keeps things bright and vibrant around your house. Having a skylight or two installed can also save you from overusing artificial lighting and energy during the day.

Lucas Roofing Installs Velux Skylights in and Around Ottawa:

If you live in Ottawa and have been looking for a roofing contractor who also specializes in Velux skylight installations well you are in luck! Lucas Roofing can install your natural Velux skylights which will never leak or give you problems. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee because we are very confident in the quality of our work and the quality of the products we install. In the off chance anything goes wrong within 10 years of the installation of your skylight we will repair it absolutely free of charge.

Did you know: Velux has been making skylights for over 65 years and is the main choice of professional contractors, re-modelers and architects.

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The Benefits of Natural Lighting

There are some pretty amazing benefits to getting natural sunlight over artificial lighting. It can affect your mind, body and wallet in some very interesting ways. Let us look over some of the top reasons homeowners and businesses have skylights installed:
Enhances The Beauty of Your Home
Helps to Keep Your Mind Sharp and Alert
Natural Lighting Increases Your Productivity
Increases The Value of Your Home
Year Round Natural Source of Sunlight
Energy Star Compliant Means You Save Money
Sealed or Open Ventilated Units
Creates a More Open, Vibrant Living Space
Skylights have lots of benefits and are relatively inexpensive to buy and have installed, contact us today to find out more.

Why Choose Lucas Roofing?

At Lucas Roofing our well-trained roofing technicians are able to install any and all models from the Velux skylights line using the latest mounting and sealing methods. This ensures your skylight will not leak water or much energy due to heat loss. Our work on skylights is backed by a 10 year workmanship guarantee.
10 Year Written Workmanship Warranty
Worry Free Installation
Won’t Leak When It Rains
Expert Mounting and Positioning
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
Experienced in Velux Installations
Well-Trained, Knowledgeable Workers
In addition we source your new skylights through our connections and business partners passing those extra savings on to you!

If not installed by a well-trained professional your skylight may leak in the rain. With some inferior products the skylight only starts leaking a year or two after the warranty has expired. This is why we insist you do not have an unlicensed or inexperienced contractor do any work on your roof or use poor quality skylights for your home. It could end up costing you lots of money in repairs down the road.

Another possible concern to installing a skylight in your home is that since heat rises you could use an extra 25% energy or more for heating in the winter as opposed to having a fully sealed and insulated roof. Thankfully advances in technology and energy star compliant Velux Skylights cut down on those potential losses. Positioning and other mounting variables will also help minimize your energy losses.

Having a professional install your skylight is absolutely essential to the longevity and efficiency of the system. Click here to see a Velux skylight brochure and contact one of our friendly customer support agents to discuss having a natural light system installed in your home.

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