Referral Program – Lucas Contracting

There is no bigger compliment we can get from you than to refer us to your friends, family members or business associates. Since the inception of Lucas Contracting a large part of our business has come from customer referrals. To show our appreciation and gratitude for clients who help bring us business we’ve created a roofing and construction referral program.

Choose a $75 Gift Card or Charitable Donation For Each Converted Referral You Send!

Get Rewarded For Helping Our Business Grow!

How It Works:

Our referral rewards program applies to any roofing or construction work valued at $2500 or more. Once the contract is signed and the job is completed and paid in full we will immediately contact you and send out your $75 referral prize!

Most of the cards are ‘digital gift cards’ which get sent to your email address along with instructions on how to use them. These digital cards are great because we can send them to you almost instantly and it simplifies the whole process.

Terms & Conditions

Gift cards are sent out 24-48 hours after the final payment on the job has been processed. Lucas Contracting reserves the right to modify or close the referrals program at any time.

Is There Any Limit To How Many Referrals I Can Send?/

There’s currently no limit, the more referrals you send us the more rewards you can earn.

Why Send Referrals?

When you connect us with your friends and family you’re helping us grow and expand as a business. When we get clients from referrals it helps to build our credibility and it’s a great way to introduce your contacts to the great services we provide.

Support local business
Help our company grow
Enjoy the benefits of becoming a preferred customer (discount on all future projects, extended warranty, VIP support service + more)
Sharing is caring. If you feel we did a great job this is the perfect way to say thanks!
$75 gifts to compensate for your efforts.

How Do I Start Sending Referrals?

To start sending us referrals simply fill out the forms below or call us at 613-913-5539.

Thanks again for taking part in our referrals program, we truly appreciate you helping to make our business grow!