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Home inspections are an asset to both home buyers and sellers. Getting a professional home inspection will identify any possible problems with the residence and will help to determine the value of your home.

Lucas Contracting is Ottawa and Eastern Ontario’s own home inspection experts. We will evaluate the homes major systems and give you a very clear yet detailed evaluation report. Home owners love our reports over the competition because we provide lots of informative, concise detail while leaving out the unnecessary technical jargon.

When choosing an inspector you need to ask: Do they use a certified infrared thermographer? Do they employ IAC2 certified mold testing specialists? Do they follow the OAHI standards of practice and code of ethics? Are they a InterNACHI approved inspector? Do they have the years of experience it takes to do a proper inspection?

Did you know that home inspections are completely unregulated in Ontario? That’s why it’s extremely important to get a competent, experienced home inspector who will help identify all the major issues with the property.

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We use the latest technology in thermal imaging. Thermal images are a very important part of any home inspection, they can reveal plumbing issues, moisture and mold problems, heat leaks, problems with duct systems, electrical problems and cracked foundations.

Ottawa Home InspectionsWhat we Look for On Our Inspection:

  • Is there any damage to the foundation or structure of the home?
  • Is there any major wear on the roof? How much life is remaining?
  • Are the furnace, water heater and air conditioning units in good condition?
  • Do the windows and doors have any cracks or heat leaks?
  • Is there any mold problems in the home?
  • Are there any leaks or signs of water damage in the basement and garage?
  • Does the plumbing have any cracks or leaks?
  • Is the fireplace and chimney a safety hazard?
  • Is the electrical system safe and up to code?
  • Is the home well insulated?
  • Are there any gas leaks? How’s the air quality?

Tips For Home Buyers:

As a potential buyer paying for a home inspection we won’t ever tell you not to buy a home we inspect. It’s our duty to give you a thorough, unbiased breakdown of all the potential costs and issues you may face as the new home owner. Once you have our analysis you can use it to negotiate or you may wish to simply look for another property. That choice is entirely up to you.

Tips For Sellers:

If you’re selling your home it’s very important to get your own inspection done before negotiations begin. This way you hold the power to either fix any issues or adjust your selling price based on the inspection report. All too often the deal will fall through the cracks after a home inspection reveals issues (even minor ones!). You don’t want to leave too much negotiating power in the hands of potential buyers. If you show them the inspection report up front and have adjusted your price in advance you stand in a great negotiating position.

If you’re planning on buying or selling your home that decision shouldn’t ever be made without a proper inspection. It can save you tens of thousands of dollars, lots of time and future legal headaches.

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