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Ottawa METAL Roof (Part 1)

In this article we will address common questions relating to Ottawa Metal Roofs. This is due to the several inquiries we’ve had over the past year or so, asking the same questions. In order to save you time and help you find the right contractor for your Ottawa metal roof, we have compiled this list of questions with the appropriate answers.

Is an Ottawa Metal Roof more expensive than a regular (asphalt shingle) roof?

In the short-run, yes; In the long-run, no way! Here are some things to consider when contemplating the purchase of an Ottawa Metal roof.

Future roof replacements
 You will likely never have to replace your roof again as most of these roofs come with a 30 to 50 year warranty and can last much longer than the warranty itself.

Resale Value
Where the replacement of a shingle roof is a benefit to the buyer when selling the home, it does not add to the long-term resale value of the home.

R-Rating & Energy efficiency
Depending on what type of roof you currently have, the chances are good that this Ottawa Metal roof will save you loads of money on your energy bills

Peace of Mind
Know that once you install an Ottawa Metal roof, you will likely never have to think about re-roofing ever again, unless you miss our friendly staff of course…

Do you have samples or a product catalogue?

Catalogue, no; Samples yes. If you have the time, you can swing by our office at 2013 Prince of Wales Drive where we have fabricated and hung “mini roofs” in our office wall.

What about the weight of the metal? I am considering doing my garage or front porch…

Believe it or not, Ottawa Metal roofs are an avg. of 50% lighter than regular (asphalt shingle) roofs, and 75% lighter than other alternatives, such as concrete tile.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article, answering more of your metal roofing questions!

We apologize for the over-use of the term Ottawa Metal Roof, but fortunately, this is helps people find us on the web. We do appreciate your tolerance. If you have any questions, or require a quote, feel free to contact us at info@lucascontracting.ca

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