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Renovating and remodeling your kitchen will create a brighter more vibrant space for you to work and socialize in. Your kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in your home and we understand just how important it is to you. When you hire Lucas Contracting, you’re hiring one of the leaders in home renovations you can rest assured we’re professionals who pride ourselves in getting the job done right!

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Our professional tradesmen are experienced and highly skilled. Many of them have been doing kitchen renovations in Ontario and Quebec for over 10 years. When choosing a contractor to carry out your kitchen remodeling project you always want to do your research and make sure you’ve hiring an efficient, trustworthy team. Lucas Contracting craftsmen undergo stringent testing and training and any large remodeling job will have an assigned project manager to oversee the project.

Our Kitchen Renovation Services:

cabinets-renovationKitchen Cabinet Installations:At Lucas Contracting we recommend our clients start designing their dream kitchen by first choosing cabinets. When choosing your cabinets you want to balance functionality, looks and price.

Our cabinetry is premium quality and durable enough to last a lifetime. We install a wide variety of American and Canadian brands including Barker Cabinets, Hampshire Cabinetry, Armstrong, Brandom Cabinets, Hanssem America, Kitchen Magic, Cedar Crest Cabinetry, Waypoint Living Spaces and Sequoia Cabinetry.

After you’ve chosen kitchen cabinets it’s time to move on to other areas of the kitchen: appliances, flooring, countertops and plumbing.

cabinets-renovationInstalling New Appliances:Our project coordinator will ask if you’re upgrading or keeping your old appliances. The reason is we will size and install your counter tops and cabinets so your appliances will fit in perfectly with no large, unsightly gaps and spaces.

Our skilled carpenters use German and American carpentry techniques to build out the kitchen around your appliances. With a keen focus on the details you’re sure to get a stunning result that is built to last a lifetime.

The most common appliances you may wish to replace are things like your sink and faucet, oven, fridge, microwave and perhaps even the smaller appliances like your toaster oven and coffee maker.

cabinets-renovationRefinish Or Install A New Floor:At Lucas Contracting we offer quite a few different options when it comes to flooring. We have tradesmen who are trained in floor refinishing which is perfect if you want to sand down and re-stain your expensive hardwood flooring.

You may decide you’re more interested in pulling the old floor up and installing some high quality tile flooring. Installing tile flooring for your kitchen is a great choice! Tile offers ease of maintenance, cost effectiveness, wide range of design variety, durability, ease of repair, simple installation and lets not forget, new floor tiles can increase the value of your home.

Other options for flooring include hardwood and laminate. We almost always recommend hardwood or tile flooring for our clients because these options offer the most benefits.

cabinets-renovationNew Countertop And Backsplash:There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing a new countertop. Marble, quartz, soapstone, granite, slate, laminate, tile and mosaic, wood and stainless steel are all great options which each have there own set of pros and cons.

When it comes to installing a backsplash our clients commonly request tile which is a great choice. Tile is easy to clean, very simple and cheap to install and really helps to improve the look of your kitchen.

Choosing a new countertop for your kitchen remodeling project isn’t always easy with the amount of options available to you. If you want to discuss your project with one of our helpful team members give us a call today.

cabinets-renovationNew Ceiling and Lighting: Lastly on the kitchen renovations checklist is the ceiling and the lighting. Did you know that Lucas Contracting installs stretch ceilings? A stretch ceiling is basically a thin suspended PVC or fabric membrane which gives off a unique, stunning effect that can change the whole dynamic of a room.

We install monorail lighting systems, LED lighting, xenon, halogen lighting, ceiling mounted lighting, suspended lighting, track lighting systems and more! No matter if your choosing lavish or budget lighting we can help you find something that will offer brilliant vibrant lighting and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re interested in learning more about our lighting options for your kitchen simply give us a call and a professional will help guide you through the pros and cons of each setup.

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It’s important you don’t choose a unqualified contractor to carry out your kitchen renovation project. Lucas Contracting will complete your job quickly and efficiently and we always do our best to get the job finished on time. Contact us today and find out for yourself why we’re the best at what we do!

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