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Today more then ever, green roof technology is becoming more widespread. Ecological benefits like storm-water retention, reduction of energy consumption and expanded roof life are just a few of the reasons for the increase in popularity. At Lucas Roofing we’re proud to be at the forefront of this initiative. If you’ve been thinking about having a green roof installed you’ve come to the right place!

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Are you not sure if a green roof is right for you? Read on to discover why Ontario homeowners and business are going green more than ever before…

The Benefits of Having a Green Roof Installed:

roof-installDid you know a green roof can reduce your cooling costs in the summer by up to 50%? Yes that’s right! Green roofs are exceptional insulators. Studies show that in the winter your home will retain up to 20-35% more warmth when compared against a regular asphalt roof. In Ontario a black asphalt roof can each up to 82°c in the peak of summer while a plant covered eco-friendly green roof will only reach around 29°c.

Studies show that the average price of a green roof installation is about $25/square foot as opposed to $18/square foot for a regular asphalt roof. The hidden benefit is the huge savings in energy costs. For commercial applications (large buildings) having a green roof can mean over $250, 000+ in energy savings each year. In fact the huge savings are one of the primary reasons why more and more buildings in Ontario are turning to these types of eco-friendly solutions.


Benefits For The Owner:

Extend The Life of Your Roof By Up To 2-3x.
Save Money From Much Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs.
Improved Sound Proofing.
Stormwater Management.
Stay Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter.
Transform Your Roof Into Functional Garden Space.
Renewal of Habitat for Birds, Insects and Other Wildlife.
Naturally Aesthetic and Visually Pleasing.

Benefits For The Community:

Reduced Energy Demands on the Grid
Filtration of Acid Rain
Helps To Improve Air Quality
City Heat Island Mitigation
When it rains water usually will roll down your roof, into the gutter and eventually be funneled into the sewer system. Along the way it picks up and carries contaminants and pollution which makes its way back into Ontario’s waterways. Green roofs help reduce this problem by absorbing rain water and using it in a productive, eco-friendly way.

Beside the huge savings in heating and cooling costs the next major benefit is the increased longevity of your roofs membranes. Penn State Research Center has conducted studies which show that having a green roof can increase the lifespan of your roof by up to 2-3x. Normally on a flat roof most of the wear and tear comes over time from the sun beaming down and causing ultraviolet breakdown. With a green roof the plants and growing medium do a wonderful job of absorbing those powerful solar rays they also greatly reduce damage from rapid environmental temperature variations.

The 2 Most Popular Kinds Of Green Roofs:

Labor Intensive Roof: For those with a flat roof able to support from 75-125 pounds per square foot and able to handle 4-26″ of planting medium. This type of flat roof requires solid structural support due to its weight when wet. Labor intensive green roofs are able to support vegetable gardens, certain types of trees, grasses and shrubs.

(Extensive) Sedum or Grass Roof: This option is perfect for those who want all the benefits of a green roof without as much required maintenance. A grass or sedum based green roof is almost completely self-sustaining and requires a planting medium of only 1-4 “. With an extensive green roof you will typically grow grasses, mosses, sedum, herbs and other shallow rooted varieties of vegetation.

Green Roof with Solar Panels:

One of the options steadily growing in popularity is to not only have a green roof installed, but to also integrate a solar powered energy system. Our Lucas NRG solar technicians install systems of any size, both grid tied or off-grid.

Our solar panel mounting hardware doesn’t require penetration of your roofs membranes. We also install systems that will give you the best bang for your buck. If you want to set up some panels atop your green roof give us a call and chat with one of our professional solar technicians. They can help give you any information you’re looking for.

In Conclusion…
Now that you’ve read some of the options and the many benefits of having a green roof installed you can weigh if it’s worth going forward with having one installed. Should you decide a green roof is right for your home be sure to give us a call! Lucas Roofing is Ottawa and Eastern Ontario’s own green roofing experts. We can help make your roof come to life – so why not give us a call and tell us about your vision for the project.

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