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F or older homes, it’s normal for a house to settle into the ground. When the house settles, a little bit of cracking in the foundation is perfectly normal. It’s just the weight of the home settling into the earth. However, when the foundation begins to crack significantly, it is cause for some alarm and imperative that you have a licensed contractor come out and look at the problem right away.

Various forms of foundation problems can occur. Cracks and other wear and tear to foundations are going to lead to problems throughout various other aspects of your home. The longer you leave the problem to get worse, the more damage it will cause and the more expensive it will be to repair.

Not all contractors are trained in foundation repair in Ottawa. You don’t want to trust an unlicensed basement contractor to do the job because it may not fix the problem or could even make things worse. You are then out a lot of money and still don’t have the problem fixed. Lucas Contracting has fixed a number of home foundations using cutting edge technology in basement waterproofing & Ottawa concrete repair.

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The main thing with foundation repair is that it needs to be corrected, reinforced and then waterproofed. If any of these steps are missed, you may be back to the original problem within a few short months of having a contractor come out and correct the problem. This is why you not only want to find a trained professional but also ask for a warranty. This will protect your investment even more.

Various forms of patching, injection and sealing will need to be done on the foundation. First, however, a diagnosis needs to be made. It is important for a contractor to explore the extent of the damage. What you see from the outside may only be a small portion of the problem. If you have deeper faults in the center of the foundation, you may have bigger problems than you even realize.

Remember that your entire home sits on the foundation. If your foundation is damaged in some way, it is only a matter of time before it starts to affect your home, too. Walls can start to fall, floors may start to slope and various other problems can occur.

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Instead of watching your home slowly crumble down all around you, you need your foundation repaired by a professional – and quickly. Making a call to Lucas Contracting will get a professional out to your home to provide you with a diagnosis and a quote for foundation repairs or basement waterproofing services. You can then rest easily knowing that the problem will get addressed so that you are no longer in jeopardy of losing your home.
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