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Lucas Contracting offers flooring installations and refinishing services all across Ottawa, eastern Ontario and Gatineau. We only use the best flooring technologies and have refined our techniques to deliver our clients the best possible results. As our client you will benefit from a stress-free and happy experience, we aim to exceed expectations on every job we do. We can help you find the perfect floor that will bring an aesthetic glow to any room in your home.

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We install the following types of flooring:


hardwood-floorThis long lasting, beautiful flooring option is quite popular with our clients. The long lasting protective coating will resist against scratching, dents and scuff marks. Common types include maple, cherry, pecan, pine, walnut, birch and many others as well.Hardwood floors are a very versatile flooring option commonly used in condominiums, basements, office buildings and the 1st level of residential homes. Engineered hardwood flooring is ultra-tough and can be installed directly on concrete by using glue, or even stapled onto a sub-floor equipped with a built in heating system


hardwood-floor Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly option which has similar characteristics to hardwood. This type of wood is easily renewable and offers strength, durability and very good resistance to moisture.You’ll be happy to know that bamboo flooring comes in over 50 different colors as either a traditional solid strip or extra wide plank. If you’re looking for a ecologically sound, sustainable flooring material then bamboo is a great choice we highly recommend.

Ceramic Tile:

ceramic-tile-floor Ceramic tile is a very popular flooring option which can be found in many Canadian households. The reason so many homeowners use tile for their floors is because it’s easy to clean, durable and cost effective. Not to mention it looks great!At Lucas Contracting many of our team members have years of experience laying tile in Ontario and Quebec. You can’t go wrong choosing tile for your flooring project, if you’re interested in learning about your options feel free to give us a call.

Laminate Flooring:

hardwood-floor Laminate flooring is another popular choice which we install quite frequently. Laminate flooring is manufactured by bonding multiple layers together using a melamine resin. This type of flooring is very durable and often comes with a 15-35 year warranty. If you’re on a limited budget laminate flooring might be the perfect option for your home improvement project. This flooring type is quite inexpensive, durable and very easy to install. It will make a great addition to any home.

Marble Flooring:

hardwood-floor Marble is one of the most beautiful flooring materials available on the market. It’s first harvested from a mountain in slabs then sliced and refined into tiles which can be installed directly in your home. This material has been used in some of the greatest works of architecture including royal palaces. Marble tiles come in lots of colors and natural patterns. Lighter marble has a slight translucent quality to it which gives it a slight glow once the light hits it. Unlike certain other flooring materials marble can be polished making it extremely smooth and shiny.Our other flooring services:

Floor refinishing

floor-refinishing How it works:1.First our team will bring in powerful sanding machines that will remove imperfections and grind the floor down to exposed wood. This step also helps to create a very flat surface.2 .Next we will sand down the floor by hand with a fine grit sandpaper. This will help to reduce any coarse grain in the wood and prepares it for the next step.3.Then the floor is sealed using either a natural color or a stain of your choice.4 .Finally we will apply the finish to your flooring to make it look brand new once again!Refinishing a floor may seem like a simple process but it requires years of experience to do properly. That’s why we recommend floor refinishing always be done by a qualified professional.

Heated floor systems

hardwood-floorIn the ice cold Ontario winter mornings you may regret not having carpet installed once you step foot onto the chilly ceramic tiles that line your floor. Using in-floor radiant heating systems we’re able to make cold, uncomfortable floors a thing of the past.Using heated flooring saves you money on electricity making it an especially good option for large industrial warehouses and factories. When the floor feels warm in the winter time it makes you feel cozy and comfortable, plus you’ll be less likely to turn up the thermostat.

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