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euroshield-image-1Euroshield shingles are a premium quality roofing product made from over 95% recycled materials. Through a unique fabrication process which involves the melting down of tires destined for the landfill Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M.) Inc. has created a long lasting product which comes in many colours and styles.
This line of products from Euroshield was specifically created to not only be environmentally friendly, but also as an extremely durable roofing option that would last over 40 years.

It is quite easy to get your roof to match the style of your home since Euroshield offers many styles of shingle: EuroSlate, EuroShake, EuroTile or EuroLite Shake (new). Each one of these great options has its own set of unique features and benefits.

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EuroSlate is designed to mimic the sharp and distinguished look of a heavily chiseled slate roofing tile without the excessive costs or weight load placed on your roof. Slate is a popular high end roofing product but has several downsides. EuroSlate is a synthetic copy of a natural slate tile and was created to allow clients to have the beautiful appearance of slate on their roof without the associated downsides.

EuroTile has been discontinued. For a similar, more improved option see EuroLite Slate.

EuroShake was designed specifically for clients who love the look of a wooden shake roof but do not want to have the risk of premature rotting, cracking or splitting. EuroShake is far more durable than its wood based counterpart and is able to last longer without any serious maintenance or repairs. This product comes in multiple colours and two styles: taper sawn and hand split.

EuroLite Slate is a variation of the EuroShake shingle. The EuroLight variety is much lighter, thinner and also considerably cheaper, appealing to those who want a premium quality roofing product at a price the average home or business owner can afford.

EuroLite Shake is lighter and thinner than the traditional EuroShake tile. This means improved savings, which customers love!

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The Benefits of Euroshield

Each product in the Euroshield lineup has its own unique qualities and benefits. However the following qualities are universal to each shingle in the product line.
Enhanced Roof Appearance
Spend Less on Home Climate Control
Lasts 50+ Years
Boosts The Value of Your Home
Protects Your Home From the Elements
Maintenance Free
Stays Looking New For Longer
Despite being constructed out of hardened steel Wakefield Bridge boasts a 60% or more weight reduction when compared to asphalt singles, concrete and clay tiles, cedar shakes and slate tiles

Euroshield Features

50 Year Limited Warranty
10 Years to Transfer Warranty
Many Choices of Colour and Style
Lightweight Material
Environmentally Friendly (recyclable)
Quick, Easy Installation
Fire, Hail, Ice and Water Resistant
Does Not Blister, Crack, Split, Rot or Peel
Fadeproof Technology
Virtually Indestructible
Euroshield helps to eliminate harmful waste that would be destined for a city landfill and turns it into a beautiful, extremely durable roofing product that will long outlast any asphalt based shingles on the market. No matter if you choose EuroSlate, EuroShake, or EuroLite Shake you will be able to rest assured that this product will live up to its claims thanks to the rock solid 50 year warranty.

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