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ucas Contracting offers drywall installation and finishing. We do sanding, stippling, edging, patch work. We also offer a comprehensive range of other construction services such as framing, weatherproofing, interior renovations, flooring and much more. If you want a drywall contractor who can handle large scale installations you’ve come to the right place.

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drywall-installationDrywall Installation Ottawa:
Our drywall crew will show up after the framing has been erected. We mount the sheets of drywall to the frame and use metal cornerbeads to make sure the walls have a sharp, clean look when finished. Installing the sheets of drywall doesn’t take much time, most of the work is in the later steps that follow.
We’re able to construct houses and small buildings from start to finish, our team is well qualified to help you with not only drywall installations but almost any construction based job.

drywall-installationDrywall Finishing:
The finishing stages involve taping and mudding. A paper tape and mud are applied to areas with imperfections on the walls and ceilings. Once the mud hardens it’s time to start sanding which is the final step.
Drywall finishing requires time, experience and flawless technique to do correctly. We recommend you only hire highly skilled professionals otherwise you will have walls that are covered in small imperfections that show through the paint. Go with Lucas Contracting and have confidence the job will be done right!

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As mentioned above the finishing steps to installing drywall should never be left to amateur tradesmen. When you hire professionals you can expect clean, sharp corners, flawless cornice and cove applications, textured ceiling designs and more.

If you have a residential or commercial drywall project in Ottawa or Gatineau and want help from experienced professionals we recommend you give us a call! We want you to experience the benefits of quick and efficient service.

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