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A roof and chimney

Is Your Home Weatherproofed?

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They say that you take on another full-time job when you become a homeowner. Anyone that has had to do a bit of routine maintenance around the home understands this to be true.

Thankfully, some projects are easier to pull off than others. As long as you make sure that your home is as best protected from inclement weather as humanly possible, you shouldn’t have too many major projects to have to tackle later down the line.

Keeping rain, snow, and ice out of your home is going to be an ongoing battle between you and Mother Nature, but it’s one that you absolutely have to win all the time – 100% of the time – or you’re going to be looking at some seriously sticky situations.

Make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape

Verifying that your home is as weatherproofed as it gets starts with making sure that your roof is in the best possible shape it can be in.

After all, your roof is going to be the very first line of defense between you and inclement weather. It’s going to do the bulk of the heavy lifting to make sure that you stay high and dry every day of the year for at least a decade to come.

If climbing up a ladder and poking around on your roof is not your idea of a good time, Lucas Contracting is here to help. Our Ottawa roofers have the qualifications and experience to ensure your roof is in excellent shape. Preventative measures and small fixes over time will ensure you don’t have to do a complete roof overhaul ahead of schedule.

Check for any exterior damage

You also need to do a visual check of all exterior components of your home (especially your siding) to make sure that it is in tip-top shape as well.

Vinyl siding is very inexpensive and looks fantastic when installed properly, but it’s not exactly the stoutest stuff around. It chips easily when the temperature gets cold, and it gets more than a little bit “loosey-goosey” when the temperature starts to climb.

You need to be 100% certain that it’s going to continue to protect you from outside elements without allowing any weather to get into your home. Any signs of obvious damage or neglect need to be addressed ASAP.

Replace old windows and doors

Finally, you’ll want to think about swapping out all of your old windows and doors to replace them with more efficient and modern options.

This is especially true if your home is more than thirty years old and hasn’t seen any updates. The technology behind new windows and doors has come quite a way in just the last three decades. With an upgrade, you’ll be able to better protect your home from inclement weather, but you’ll also be able to dramatically reduce your energy bill while improving your overall safety to boot. This is definitely the kind of upgrade that your home deserves.

Call Lucas Contracting today for more recommendations on weatherproofing your home for whatever wild weather Ottawa has in store this year.

Home inspection

6 Reasons You Need a Home Inspection

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Whether you’re planning on purchasing a new home or selling your home, a home inspection should be considered as an essential item to add to your “To Do” list. A big decision like this one shouldn’t be made without ensuring that you have a professional report that identifies any potential problems. By obtaining a professional analysis, you can make your decision with confidence!



There’s a reason why the saying “safety first” exists, and why we’ve included it as the number one reason on our list. Getting a home inspection will help you make sure that the home you plan to live in is equipped with all of the safety features necessary for you and your family to live as risk-free as possible. Things like electrical fires can be avoided by inspecting your home properly!


Not only for older homes

When it comes to newer homes, it is often assumed that everything is in top condition.  In these cases, home inspections are often overlooked. Though a brand new home may look flawless to the average home buyer, there can be many problems that are out of sight such as wiring or plumbing. These things are not noticeable during a viewing and it is definitely advised to get an experts opinion on the topic!



When you are looking to obtain home insurance for your home, many companies will require for you to have obtained a certified home inspection. This makes it much easier for your insurance company to get all of the details that they need about your home.


Pay a little now to avoid paying a lot later

The average home inspection only costs a few hundred dollars. Paying this small amount now for a home inspection could potentially save you from paying thousands of dollars down the line. Save yourself the stress and hassle of potentially having to fix large sections or utilities in your home, and to prevent hazardous situations for you and your family.



If you find a home you love that is close to your budget, a home inspection may just be able to give you the push you need to negotiate a lower price.


Know what you’re buying

Overall, it is important to know what you’re buying. You wouldn’t purchase a used vehicle without looking under the hood to see what potential costs you may have down the line, so don’t risk it with your home! Getting a home inspection will help you feel confident in your decision and will ensure that you feel safe in your new home sweet home.

Now that you know the importance of a home inspection, contact Lucas Contracting to schedule an inspection from a trained and experienced eye.