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The Framing Contractors' Experience

The Framing Contractors’ Experience

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Experienced framing contractors are trained in building frames for commercial and residential structures. As a home or business owner, you’ll need a proficient framing contractor like Lucas Contracting who understands municipal regulations, building codes, and mandatory safety regulations. Before hiring the framing contractor, do your homework and determine whether the contractor works closely with steel framing or dimensional lumber. More importantly, conduct additional research to determine whether the contractor is licensed in the field.

A skilled framing contractor certified within the construction industry will understand the essentials for building the ideal frame for your home or business. Continue reading to understand why hiring an experienced framing contractor is a crucial element of moving into your new home or office space.

Knowledgeable in Residential Construction

Knowing why experienced framing contractors are important can be as simple as understanding their work. An experienced framing contractor knows that building a frame for your home is a sophisticated task that requires extensive focus, patience, and attention to detail. While on site, the contractor will first install a sill plate which is often made of lumber and provides the bottom portion of a wall or building. Successfully constructing the sill plate is essential for building the roof, flooring, and walls. To prevent costly mistakes later, an experienced contractor will understand that each step in this process must be completed in order.

Upon completing these initial steps, the contractor will continue the framing project by installing exterior house boxing, subflooring, and roof deck sheathing. These next steps can only be completed successfully if the contractor possess the ability to understand architectural symbols, read blueprints, and coordinate effectively with the rest of the crew. Framing contractors experienced in residential projects typically work with single family, duplex, and multifamily projects as there are fewer units to work with.

Knowledgeable in Commercial Construction

If you’re a business owner, hiring an experienced framing contractor is equally important. Framing contractors trained in commercial construction typically build retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and occasionally large apartment complexes. Generally, only certified contractors hold the experience and credentials to complete these projects, however, all framing contractors must abide by municipal regulations.

A framing contractor’s work requires extensive knowledge and training in construction equipment. Tools and equipment include household maintenance items such as nails, screws, and hammers, which are worn on the contractor’s tool belt. More advanced tools include a variety of different saws, laser equipment, air-powered tools, and scaffolding equipment. As a home or business owner, these tools are dangerous to use without proper certification and training. Knowing how experienced framing contractors work and understanding their value is crucial.

For more information about framing contractors or to hire a professional and experienced framing contractor for your next project, contact Lucas Contracting today.

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Why Choose Lucas Contracting?

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If you are a property owner planning a renovation, there are many Ottawa contracting companies to choose from. Let’s explore what sets Lucas Contracting apart from the competition:

Skilled Team

No matter the size or scope of the project, our skilled and experienced team are driven to deliver the best results day in and day out. Each and every member is committed to putting their best foot forward and putting in a proud day’s work to finish your project to perfection.

Friendly Service

In addition to our roofing and construction teams on the ground, the Lucas Contracting team also includes phone support staff. No matter their role, every individual in the company believes in being friendly and informative with clients.

Full Project Transparency

We know that your home or building is your baby. Whether we’re building a custom home from scratch or doing a simple roof repair, you deserve to be kept informed at every stage of the project. We keep our clients well-informed and up on all the latest progress as we get the job done.

Exceed Industry Standards

We believe that standards aren’t made to be met, they’re made to be exceeded. Not only is all of our work up to code, but we go beyond to give you the most durable and highest quality products available. Good is never good enough.

Excellent References

What better way to learn about an Ottawa contracting company’s results than to ask previous clients? We are happy to provide you with testimonials and references from countless satisfied clients.

Precise Quotes

When you’re trying to budget for home renovations, you need an accurate price estimate. This is why we trust experienced inspectors to make precise quotes with confidence.

Professional Decorum

Far too many Ottawa contracting companies show unprofessional behaviour. Showing up late? Dodging calls? Shabby job? It simply won’t happen with Lucas Contracting. We make it a point of pride to be punctual, dependable, and do everything possible to finish jobs on schedule.

Solid Warranty

Our projects are built to last. This is why we are proud to have over a ten-year warranty on exterior repairs like metal roofing, flat roofing, and asphalt shingling. Interior home renovations are covered by a one-year warning so if anything goes awry, we’ll fix it or replace it right away.

Liability Insurance

All of our projects are covered by up to $5,000,000 in commercial general liability insurance from BFL Canada. In the extremely rare event that anything goes wrong, liability insurance will take care of it all.

Customer Satisfaction

Above all, we are driven to satisfy each and every client who trust their home or property to us. We recognize it as a huge responsibility, but our long list of satisfied clients proves that it’s always worth the effort.

Contact us today to find out why Lucas Contracting is the superior choice for your roofing project or interior renovation.

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How to Choose the Right Contractor

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When you’re ready to remodel your home, there are many important decisions to make. Your highest priority should be to choose a professional and diligent contractor. Ottawa contractors recommend following these suggestions to get the right contractor for your project:

Ask Around

Ask friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues for recommendations. If anyone you know has recently had their home renovated, ask whether they like the work and if they would recommend the contractor. Also ask industry professionals, like building inspectors, real estate agents, and other contractors who may not be the right fit for your project but who can refer you to a trusted colleague.

Talk with Them

Speak with your prospective contractor on the phone. Explain your wishes for the renovation and find out if they are the right fit. Sometimes your project may be too big/small, or they may not have the time to fit you into their schedule. Find a contractor that is available and seems reliable and attentive.

Meet with Them

Ottawa contractors suggest that all potential contractors should come to your home to meet you in person and get a feel for the space and your vision. Can you envision working with this person? Do they seem trustworthy and considerate? Do they listen or just talk over you? Are they eager to hear your plans or do they seem uninterested in your vision and concerns? Trust your gut.

Talk Money

Ottawa contractors will provide you with an estimate of the renovation costs. This estimate should include the cost of materials, labour, and general expenses. You will also get an estimate for when the project can start, and the amount of time needed to complete the renovation. You aren’t looking for an estimate for the cheapest price, this stage is about transparency and being assured of quality materials and quality workmanship.

What to Avoid

Unfortunately, not all contractors are equal. To avoid a renovation disaster with poor-quality construction or spiraling costs, you need to be aware of warning signs. Don’t choose a contractor who aggressively shops door-to-door attempting to find a project. Avoid bargain quotes that seem too be true. Don’t select a contractor who refuses to show his insurance or provide references.
Don’t fall for scare tactics, high-pressure sales pitches, or scammy “one-day-only” sale prices.

When you follow these recommendations, you’ll be assured of finding the right contractor to realize your dream project.

4 DIY Projects to Avoid

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Part of being a good DIY-er is being realistic about your own skills. Avoiding the following projects will protect you from costly errors that will affect the integrity of your home:

Window Replacement

Your windows are not only a design element for your home’s exterior. They also play a key role in keeping your home warm and dry. It might seem simple enough to pop out the old windows and install the new ones, however there is much that can go wrong with window installation starting with the proper measurements. You will have to special order your windows and if you measure wrong this can be a very costly mistake. Very few home improvement stores will allow you to return special order items such as windows. The next issue is improper installation. Poorly installed windows can lead to multiple issues from poor insulation to leaks that can lead to structural issues and even the growth of black mould.


You have probably seen roofers tearing the shingles off of neighbourhood homes and thought that doesn’t look so hard. However roofing is not only highly detailed work, it is also highly dangerous. Much like windows, roof replacement is a huge job that requires the job be done correctly to avoid costly damage to your home. As well roof work is very dangerous and can lead to serious injury with one misstep.

Structural Changes

One of the main concerns with structural changes is that it can lead to serious issues in a day, or years from now. When knocking out walls you have to understand how it will affect the overall integrity of your home. Whether you are working in the basement, creating an open concept main floor or want a larger master bedroom, it is best to leave structural changes up to the pros.

Electrical Upgrades

If you figure you are going to upgrade that old knob and tube wiring in your home or add a few more circuits, leave it to the pros. Electrical wiring can cause a fire quicker than you can flick a switch. Without a clear understanding of the proper codes to follow you can make some serious errors in judgment that could literally burn your house down.

When it comes to your home, safety should always be your first priority. If you are considering any of the above projects call a contractor and discuss your options.

5 Unique Renovation Ideas

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If you consider yourself a unique person your home should reflect your individuality. Here are five unique renovations Ottawa homeowners can consider for a truly customized look:

Utilize Your Stairs

One of the biggest wasted spaces in your home can be found beneath the stairs. Create a cozy reading nook just like Harry Potter for yourself or the kids by adding a banquette style seating area with an overhead lamp and plenty of pillows. You can also look for unique storage ideas such as shelving or pull out drawers for extra shoes, coats and backpacks. Another good use for that little area is to build a workspace for your computer.

Baseboard Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen storage space is always at a minimum. A new trend is to build drawers into the baseboards beneath kitchen cabinets. As long as you are spry it offers easy access to any number of items. You can store cookie sheets, frying pans and muffin tins or lesser used items such as fancy table linens.

Pumped Up Shower

Luxurious showers seem to be replacing the soaker tub in modern bathrooms. Consider an easy to clean walk in shower room sans the high maintenance glass doors and walls. Look at installing curved seating where you can lie down and enjoy a steam shower. Look at high end shower features such as programmable faucets or music and lighting.

Platforms and Sunken Spaces

In rooms with higher ceilings consider adding a platform with a storage space below. Platforms work well in awkward spaces with interesting window configurations in turrets or sun rooms. You can also do the opposite and opt for a sunken living space with steps leading down into a comfy seating area. This is very retro and was a popular design feature in homes in the 60’s and 70’s.

Retractable Window Wall

Install a retractable wall of windows at the back of your home. You will bring in natural light and have a lovely view of your garden area. Accordion style patio doors can open up the entire back area of your home for access to your backyard. This is great if you back onto a natural forest or conservation area. It is also perfect if you have a pool or do a lot of summer entertaining.

The renovations Ottawa contractors provide can customize your home to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Adding Character to Your Home

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Many homeowners decide to purchase a newer home and then find once they move in their house lacks character. There are many ways you can add character to your home with the help of general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire as well as a few of your own DIY touches.


Dull and boring light fixtures can make a home lack style and personality. A simple DIY project is to install new light fixtures such as charming chandeliers in your foyer and dining room and stylish pendant lighting over the island in your kitchen. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire can also come in and do some major updates such as recessed lighting and even accent and task lighting under your kitchen cabinets.

Welcoming Foyer

Your foyer sets the tone of your home. To create a more welcoming entry you can make some changes such as hardwood for floors and staircases, hanging a new chandelier, adding wainscoting and a more substantial floorboard. You can also use furniture such as a chair and hall table with an accent lamp or two.

Add Built-ins

Look at unused space such as a corner or bay window ideal for a cozy window seat with storage. The fireplace is ideal for built-in shelves and cabinetry. A den is ideal for a “library” look with custom shelving. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire can offer many suggestions from walk in butler pantries to dining room banquettes.

Architectural Detail

Architectural detail can add character such as crown moulding, framing around windows and doors, higher floorboards and new doors. You can also consider major changes such as coffered ceilings, a skylight or cupola. You can add decorative chunky feet to lower kitchen cabinets, beadboard to the front of an island and even filigrees and molding to cabinets or bulk heads.


Many modern fireplaces don’t have a hearth or mantle. The addition of a wood or marble mantle and surround can add a substantial, historical feeling to your home. A marble hearth will also add charm and substance. You can choose to go modern with less detail or use reclaimed wood to add rustic charm.


Give your staircase a makeover. Remove tired old carpet and replace steps with hardwood. You can also update your banister and rails or add a new decorative runner.

Adding character to your home will make it more welcoming with a unique sense of style.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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If you are finding your bathroom is lacking in comfort and functionality these five upgrades can create a luxurious sanctuary to start and end your day:

Heated Floors

Improve your bathroom with a touch of new tiles and heated flooring. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire for their bathroom upgrades can install heated floors so you never need slippers in the bathroom again. This upgrade is a reasonably easy undertaking and you will not only have warmth underfoot, but stunning new floors as well.

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is a wonderful addition to the luxurious bathroom. It offers a warm embrace following a shower or bath and is also great for a closer, more effective shave. This is an easy and affordable installation and can be a finishing touch in a newer bathroom that doesn’t need much to make it perfect.

Modern Dual Sinks

Put an end to crowding with the addition of dual sinks. You’ll both appreciate having your own separate place to take care of your morning routine. Appeal to your sense of esthetics with a new, modern look. There are many options from which to choose from raised glass bowls to lovely marble and porcelain. The general contractors Ottawa hire can also add new faucets to complete the look.

Luxury Bathtub and Shower

Add a touch of spa like conveniences to your bathroom with a new luxury bathtub and shower. There are many stunning tubs not only designed for luxury and comfort but to create a lovely focal point in your bathroom. Showers have become a main attraction to the bathroom with glassed in walls and gorgeous tile detail. Talk to your general contractors and go all out with a fully computerized system. You can personalize your settings from pulse and pressure to temperature to lighting. Sigh.


Natural light is always a bonus in the bathroom. Ladies can apply natural looking makeup while gentlemen can get every last hair on their chinny, chin, chin. It is also a softer and easier light on the eyes in the morning. You can even enjoy a view of the night sky while you luxuriate in your new tub after a long, hard day.

Let the general contractors Ottawa hires create your dream bathroom with these five luxurious upgrades.


Designing the Perfect Living Room

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Your living room is a space in which you spend much of your time enjoying the company of family as well as entertaining guests. Designing the perfect living room takes a lot of thought in order to create a space that is comfortable, functional and beautiful.

Open up the Space

The biggest trend with Ottawa home renovations is knocking down walls to open up the space. Open concept living offers a more modern look to your home as well as an easier way to keep an eye on the kids when you are working in the kitchen. You will love the feeling of spaciousness added from an open concept and will also benefit from more natural light flowing into the home.

Add Hardwood

No renovation is complete without the addition of stunning hardwood floors. Hardwood floors offer a high end look to any home while lessening the amount of allergens in the air. There are many hardwood floors to choose including many eco-friendly options using sustainable materials such as bamboo. You will love the easy care and look of hardwood floors and it will also increase the value of your home substantially.

Finish the Walls

A good designer understands the importance of adding interest to a room. You can use a unique paint colour to create an accent wall or even add an interesting geometric or classic wallpaper for interest. You can look for ideal areas to use paint or wallpaper including:

• Using a brighter or deeper colour in an alcove such as a bay window
• Accenting a wall in the hall across from your living room
• Adding a bright colour for a touch of fun above the fireplace
• Using a deeper, richer colour for a little drama above a picture rail
• Using wallpaper subtly on the walls behind built ins or surrounding the fireplace

Add Built-Ins

Built-ins add a sense of substance to a living room. You can create an entertainment unit or install book shelves for a more traditional library feel. You can also use built-ins around a fireplace as part of an extended mantle. Window seats are lovely in living rooms with bay windows to create a secret place to read as well as additional storage space.

These Ottawa home renovations will help you design the perfect living room that is functional, attractive and most of all comfortable.

The Importance of Having a Home Inspected Before Buying

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When buying a home it is easy to get caught up in the moment and make a purchase based on emotion instead of logic. Unfortunately this can result in purchasing a home that may end up costing you quite a bit of money. To avoid this it is best do a thorough home inspection before buying. Here’s why:

Adjusting Your Offer

Submitting an offer with an inspection clause will not only protect you from buying a home with serious issues, but it also provides you with the option to go back and negotiate if the house needs some repairs. An experienced Ottawa contractor will know exactly what to look for, as well as help you put a price to any required repairs. These numbers can add up to great savings, and can provide you with the information you need to make a fair offer, that will land you your dream home.

The Issues Discovered

A home inspection will look at some of the most serious issues you want to avoid such as:

• Addressing problems that pose safety issues and list defects of both a minor and major nature
• Items requiring replacement, repair or service
• Items that will require future attention and may require monitoring (such as an older roof, potential foundation issues, old furnaces, etc.)

Exterior Inspection

The exterior inspection will cover areas that include:

• Exterior walls
• The foundation
• Grading
• Garage
• Roof

Interior Inspection

Your interior inspection will address:

• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Water heater
• Kitchen appliances
• Laundry room
• Fire safety
• Bathrooms

Informed Decision

Once the inspection is complete you will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to proceed with the purchase. Although not every issue may be discovered your inspection will reveal some of the obvious dangers and damages and provide you with advice including:

• When to take the offer off the table if repairs are too expensive
• What areas the seller should fix or can lead to a reduced price
• Estimates for the work required to determine their affordability
• Seriousness of each issue

As you can see, a contractor Ottawa home owners hire for house inspections can save you money in the long run.

5 Questions to ask when hiring an Ottawa Contracting Company

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This article  is a continuation of “Finding a reputable Ottawa Contractor”

  1. Does the Ottawa contracting company give estimates or quotes?ottawa contracting picture

An Estimate is an educated guess at best. A quote however, takes a little longer. In a quote, the contractor checks the prices of the materials with the supplier to make sure that things haven’t changed. The ottawa contracting company does an exact calculation and factors in the possibility of errors, so that the job doesn’t end up costing more than the quoted price

2. Is a proper design drafted for big projects?

When doing a big project, especially if it includes infrastructure additions, an Ottawa contractor should provide you with a drawing plan, and if they’re any good, they may also provide you with a 3D rendering .

3. Are you comfortable having them in, on and around your home?

Were they polite, well-mannered, well dressed (to a certain degree). Would you feel alright having these people in your home? Do you feel confident that if an employee did take something, the Foreman/supervisor/owner would replace it for you, whatever the cost? These are some of the things you should be asking yourself about Ottawa contracting companies.

4. What about a Warranty and Guaranty?

Usually, any material or finished product will have a manufacturer warranty. A good contractor will also provide a limited year workmanship warranty. Be sure to ask about this straight up, as this will indicate whether or not they are confident in their work.

5. Why Them?

Good companies will have policies, procedures, safety measures and common practices. A great way to probe a company and catch them off-guard is to ask them if they have an employee handbook. They may say they have policies and procedures, but without an employee handbook, how are the employees to know about these?


Asking these questions can save you lots of time and money in the long run in exchange for a little bit of work up front. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

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