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6 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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There are many reasons homeowners consider using an eco-friendly flooring option when they are decorating their homes. Ottawa construction companies have many green flooring choices homeowners love including these great options:


Cork is not only beautiful it is practical. It is the ideal flooring for areas such as the kitchen as it offers a buffer when glasses and dishes are dropped. Cork comes in many different textures, patterns and configurations making it a versatile option as well. You can find cork stained in a number of tones just like wood making it comparable in its application and selection. It is a sustainable material that contains natural antimicrobial properties which fights allergens and also resists mold from damp. This adds to its appeal as an excellent and popular green choice Ottawa construction companies can install in kitchens.


Also 100 percent sustainable, bamboo is highly durable and equally as attractive as hardwood. It comes in many grains, stains and patterns making it versatile, elegant and comparable to less eco-friendly wood.


Linoleum might not seem like an eco-friendly option but it is actually made from natural materials. Unlike vinyl, linoleum contains linseed oil. Sawdust and tree are just two example resins that make its natural makeup. It comes in a number of patterns and colours making it a fun option ideal for kitchens and even entry halls.


Recently glass tiles have made a splash as the go to tile for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, however they are also now making their way to the floor. Perfect for elegant bathrooms, glass tile is made from recycled bottles and adds a custom look with plenty of charm and personality.

Wool Carpet

Carpeting is still a preferred flooring choice for stairs as well as bedrooms and basements. Wool carpet is 100 percent sustainable and contains no volatile chemicals that are harmful to the environment. You can also find runners and area rugs made of sustainable jute, sea grass, sisal and cotton as another sustainable carpeting option.

Reclaimed Hardwood

If you have your heart set on hardwood reclaimed hardwood is an option. It is made from reclaimed wood or salvaged from renovation sites and demolitions. It has plenty of character and add a rustic look or can be refurbished to elegant perfection.

From love of the planet to beauty and durability to price, there are many reasons to opt for eco-friendly flooring.