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What is the Best Metal Roof Colour?

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If you have already committed to making sure that your next roof is going to be a metal roof, you are a couple of steps ahead of the game.

Some of the most affordable, beautiful, durable, and efficient roofs available on the planet, metal roofs are constructed from a diverse range of roofing materials. Whether made of steel or aluminium, a new metal roof promises the kinds of benefits that you’re looking for – the kinds of benefits that you as a homeowner deserve – and will add a considerable amount of value to your property at the same time.

Of course, just because you have elected to go with metal roofing material doesn’t mean that your decisions are over.

Not by a longshot.

There are quite a few different things you’re going to need to take care of when you decide to move forward with this roofing material, not the least of which is choosing the right colour of metal roofing material for your project.

Here are just a couple of helpful tips and tricks to get you started down the right path. Take advantage of this inside information and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding the best metal roof colour for you!

Let’s dive right in.

What’s hot right now?

As with any other home design element, there are definitely going to be some roofing material colours that are “hotter” than others right now – and that might be the direction that you’re looking to go in.

This is especially true if you want your home to look very modern and very contemporary, all without having to worry about whether or not this look is going to be quite as stylish in the years to come.

Metal roofs are going to be the norm in the future – just because of all the combined benefits they are able to bring to the table – and these colours are likely to remain “hot” for years and years to come.

Which metal roof colours look best with your home?

Of course, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to pick metal roofing material colours based entirely off of the “hot” colours without first considering how those colours are going to go with the look and style of the home they will be installed on.

Really consider the architecture and the style of your home, and especially the colour of your siding, your shutters, your doors, etc. to get a feel for whether or not this roofing material is going to blend in seamlessly. Or will it create an odd juxtaposition that throws things off? There is a fine line between tasteful contrast and clash.

Consider the energy efficiency of specific colours as well

A lot of people are surprised to learn that the colour of the metal roofing that they decide to move forward with will have a tremendous impact on their energy bills, but upon closer consideration it isn’t all that surprising after all.

You see, darker roofs are going to attract more light and more heat – and that means that your home is going to be warmer (especially in the upper levels). This might not be a bad idea if you live in a cold climate city like Ottawa, but if you live in warmer areas this could be big trouble.

At the same time, lighter colour roofs are going to reflect a more heat and more light – which may be picture-perfect in warmer climates, but if you live in Ottawa it is a valid concern in the winter.

When choosing your metal roof cover, energy efficiency is definitely something to consider!

Whatever you do, be careful about going with certain shades of blue

At the end of the day, regardless of the colour of roof that you decide to go with, you’ll really want to think long and hard about going with certain shades of blue.

Though it can be interesting to choose shades of blue that go nicely with the colour of the sky, you might end up with an “invisible” sky blue roof – and that can have your home looking very odd indeed!

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