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Man you imagine your ideal bathroom? At Lucas Contracting we will work with you to create a bright, vibrant bathroom with a spa-like appearance that will make you feel like you’re in paradise every time you step in the room. We understand you have unique needs for the appearance and functionality of your bathroom and would like to hear from you what your perfect bathroom is like.

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Budgeting and Planning:

When planning your bathroom renovations you should take into account that 2/3rds of your budget will usually go into labor costs. The rest of your budget money is put into materials like ceramic tile, lighting, sinks, a new bathtub, shower, new windows, mirrors, cabinets, counter-tops, toilet etc. We offer very accurate quotes on all our indoor renovation services at no charge.


Bathtubs come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Acrylic tubs are very easy to keep clean and do a great job of keeping your bath water warm. These tubs are generally very durible and don’t wear down very much. Enamelled steel tubs are less expensive but lose heat from your bath water faster. These tubs tend to wear down over time but can be professionally resurfaced.Bathtub styles include freestanding, deck mounted, alcove, recessed and extra-deep. Some of our clients choose to go with a whirlpool or therapeutic tub which is a great option if your in need of some extra relaxation.


Your options when choosing a shower are practically unlimited! You can speak with one of our project managers to create a custom-built shower stall that will meet your exact specifications. Many of our clients choose to have chrome faucet and shower head, tile walls and glass doors, this gives the shower a very sleek, modern look.When planning your bathroom layout you need to decide if you will go with a tub and shower combination or have them both separate from each other. In bathrooms with limited space we recommend you go with each a shower only or a tub-shower combo. Some of the more popular shower styles include corner, square or rounded. You can choose to have a shower with or without a roof and even buy a single-piece shower (so long as it fits through your doorways).


There are 3 main types of toilets for you to choose from. One-piece toilets have a low risk of leaks and usually have a stylish, contemporary look. Two-piece toilets are popular because they cost less money and are quite easy to transport. The last type of toilet is the wall-mounted toilet. This is a great option for those who are tight on space and need a very compact toilet.


A traditional sink is built into the counter-top, they come in many different styles and are quite cost effective. Traditional sinks come in drop-in, semi-recessed, surface mounted or vessel as well as many other styles.A freestanding sink is a great choice if you have limited space to work with. The pipes on these types of sinks are often either hidden behind the drain shroud or are aesthetically crafted so they can be displayed prominently. Vanity units are the final option. These are great because they have lots of storage space, many great styles to choose from and and are pre-built which saves on installation time.

Counter-tops and Cabinets:

We will install the cabinets and counter-top of your choice and make sure your bathroom is exactly how you like it. Cabinets are often made of melamine, PVC and glass. Choices for countertops include marble, quartz, soapstone, granite, slate, laminate, tile and mosaic, wood and stainless steel.

Plumbing and Electricity

Water supply and electricity are two jobs which must be done correctly if you want to enjoy your bathroom problem free for years to come. This is a job should be left to experienced professional plumbers and master electricians to make sure the job is up to code and done correctly.

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We have a great record of going above and beyond to please our clients. Our team is licensed, insured and experienced. We offer a full 1 year warranty on our work and we always try to exceed the industry standards in Ontario. Call us and ask about our unsolicited testimonials and references and hear what real clients have to say about our company.

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