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Many homeowners decide to purchase a newer home and then find once they move in their house lacks character. There are many ways you can add character to your home with the help of general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire as well as a few of your own DIY touches.


Dull and boring light fixtures can make a home lack style and personality. A simple DIY project is to install new light fixtures such as charming chandeliers in your foyer and dining room and stylish pendant lighting over the island in your kitchen. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire can also come in and do some major updates such as recessed lighting and even accent and task lighting under your kitchen cabinets.

Welcoming Foyer

Your foyer sets the tone of your home. To create a more welcoming entry you can make some changes such as hardwood for floors and staircases, hanging a new chandelier, adding wainscoting and a more substantial floorboard. You can also use furniture such as a chair and hall table with an accent lamp or two.

Add Built-ins

Look at unused space such as a corner or bay window ideal for a cozy window seat with storage. The fireplace is ideal for built-in shelves and cabinetry. A den is ideal for a “library” look with custom shelving. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire can offer many suggestions from walk in butler pantries to dining room banquettes.

Architectural Detail

Architectural detail can add character such as crown moulding, framing around windows and doors, higher floorboards and new doors. You can also consider major changes such as coffered ceilings, a skylight or cupola. You can add decorative chunky feet to lower kitchen cabinets, beadboard to the front of an island and even filigrees and molding to cabinets or bulk heads.


Many modern fireplaces don’t have a hearth or mantle. The addition of a wood or marble mantle and surround can add a substantial, historical feeling to your home. A marble hearth will also add charm and substance. You can choose to go modern with less detail or use reclaimed wood to add rustic charm.


Give your staircase a makeover. Remove tired old carpet and replace steps with hardwood. You can also update your banister and rails or add a new decorative runner.

Adding character to your home will make it more welcoming with a unique sense of style.

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