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6 Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roof

Are you looking to upgrade your roof? If so, you should definitely investigate the benefits of a green roof. Lucas Roofing is at the forefront of the green roofing initiative and our team has extensive experience with expert installation. In addition to the tremendous ecological benefits of green roofing, you will also experience many benefits as a homeowner:

Extend Lifespan

Traditional roofing products wear down much faster than green roofing. For one, roofing components like shingles can become damaged over time due to weather and wind. Waterproofing membranes can also experience micro-tears due to temperature fluctuations. With a green roof, there are no shingles to be damaged, and waterproofing membranes do not experience the same temperature fluctuations. If you want to double or triple the lifespan of your roof, then you should choose a green roof installed by a professional Ottawa roofing company.

Save Money

Green roofs significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Traditional roofs are the cause of the greatest heat loss in your home in the winter, and reach the highest temperatures in the summer. A green roof greatly reduces both of these effects. According to a 2003 study by the National Research Council of Canada, green roofs lower summertime air conditioning demand by 75%. In the winter, homes with green roofs retain up to 35% more warmth than traditional roofs. What does that mean for you? More money in your pocket every month.

Stormwater Management

Green roofs blend seamlessly into our environment’s water cycle. Rainwater is stored by the substrate. The water is then taken up by the plants and later returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. This advantageous benefit is contrasted with traditional roofs, which often route water down toward your home’s foundation. This could lead to foundation deterioration or water damage in your basement. Stormwater management helps the environment, but it also helps to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Green Space

Aside from the obvious economic and environmental benefits, green roofs also turn your otherwise bland and dull roof into a functional garden space. Especially if you do not have much yard space, this can be a very attractive feature. Hone your green thumb, improve your home’s curb appeal, and increase the value of your home with a functional garden space atop your home.

Join the green movement and help protect the environment while getting some great added benefits as a homeowner. Contact our Ottawa roofing company today for more information or to request a free quote.

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