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Monthly Archives: February 2016

steel roofing ottawa

Why You Should Choose Steel Roofing

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If you’re interested in obtaining new roofing for your home in the Ottawa area, you should consider steel roofing. Metal roofs have a lot of advantages, one of which is their durability. These roofs are built to last and some metal roofs continue to deliver exceptional performance and protection after a century or more. This is in contrast to roofs made from other materials. For example, if you opt for asphalt shingles, your new roof may not last for more three decades even with optimal care.

Steel Roofing Facts

Steel roofs are strong, aesthetically appealing, and affordable. While they may cost more than comparable roof materials, their ruggedness and durability make them a good investment over the long term. Also, some roof materials are more expensive than steel roofing, including clay, cedar, and slate. So, opting for steel doesn’t mean that you’ll be spending an exorbitant amount on new roofing.

Your steel roof should have two to three times the longevity of roofs which are crafted from other materials. Since steel isn’t organic, it won’t biodegrade and it will resist UV light. As long as a steel roof is installed perfectly by an Ottawa roofing company, it will remain securely in place. The wind won’t carry away steel panels, whereas the wind is a significant concern for homeowners with asphalt shingle roofs.

Steel roofs are also advantageous because they resist fire. When fires break out, houses may be destroyed or damaged. Steel won’t burn. It’s not a combustible material and it is rated Class A for fire safety.

Metal roofs are also more lightweight than most people realize. In fact, they weigh less than roofs crafted from asphalt. Unlike other types of roofing, steel won’t get heavier when it’s wet, so the weight of a steel roof will remain consistent over time.

Why a Steel Roof Is Your Best Choice

Hopefully, our guide to the hard facts about steel roofs will help you to move closer to a decision about what to buy. The truth is that steel roofs have very few drawbacks. Let’s explore the possible downsides of option for a metal roof, and why they shouldn’t be seen as a big concern:

  • Steel is susceptible to dents caused by hail, ice, and debris hitting the roof. Still, dents in steel are typically easy to repair.
  • One fear people have about choosing a steel roof is that the material might be noisy. Think of the sound of raindrops pinging off a metal barn roof – not exactly quiet. When your metal roof is installed with a solid sheathing, however, it dampens the sound of rain and hail even more effectively than other roofing products.
  • Finally, it is true that upon initial installation steel roofing is more expensive than some roofing products. However, it is still more affordable than clay or slate, and considering its longevity and the fact that metal roofing is virtually maintenance-free, it is a smart investment.

The key to minimizing the drawbacks is choosing installation by a quality roofing company in Ottawa like Lucas Contracting. We have years of experience with steel roof installation and have installed, maintained, and inspected metal roofs on homes and properties all throughout the Ottawa area including Barrhaven, Kanata, and Orleans.

At Lucas Contracting, we carry the best metal roofing products on the market. Decra Roof Systems products come in a wide range of colours, textures, and styles including tile, shake, and shingle. We also carry Wakefield Bridge shingles, produced by Ottawa’s own Ideal Roofing. Give us a call and we’ll evaluate your roof and help you choose the best steel roofing product for your needs, tastes, and budget. Make your home look its best in 2016!

How to Choose a Home Addition Contractor

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If you’re interested in opening up more space in your family home, you may be curious about the benefits of building a home addition. This type of home renovation is a great way to enjoy more room at home, while also increasing the value of a home.

The key to boosting home value and getting great results from this type of add-on is choosing a home addition contractor with years of experience and expertise. It’s all about comparison-shopping for a contractor with a strong and positive reputation. This type of professional will be able to give you guidance as to how big your addition should be, as well as which materials to choose, how it is constructed and so on.

If you want a home addition which is well-made and designed to help you sell your home for a higher price at a later date, vetting contractors will be the key to getting the high-caliber home improvement that you’re looking for. When you choose the right contractor, you’ll access quality workmanship. Once you’ve done your research, you’ll understand why Lucas Contracting a leading contractor in Ottawa for home construction, interior renovation, and exterior renovation projects.

How to Select a Home Addition Contractor in Ottawa

Finding the best contractor is easy – you can even do it from the comfort of your home. Using online search engines will help you to streamline the selection process. Just add the keywords, “Ottawa interior renovations” and jot down the names of the first few results that pop up.

Once you have these results, check out the websites of these contractors. You will typically find photos of home additions and other buildings that a contractor has constructed. Looking at these photos should give you a sense of a contractor’s style. Also, look for information about the company in order to check credentials and experience levels. Checking out two or three companies in-depth is recommended. What warranties do they offer? Do they show their insurance certificates and professional certifications online?

Next, consider customer reviews. These days, most contractors have a lot of feedback about their companies on the internet. Reading reviews and checking BBB rankings will help you to establish whether or not a company is good to hire. A great company should get very few negative reviews. It should also have a BBB ranking of B+ or higher. Check their Yelp, Google+, and HomeStars reviews to get a feel for the experience of real customers.

How to Reach Out

Once you’ve found a good company, connect with its service representatives by calling or emailing. You should be able to find full contact details on the Contact Us page. Contact Us information typically include a phone number, email, and local address, or a convenient contact form to fill out.

When you reach out via your preferred method of communication, you’ll be able to explain what you need and ask for assistance. In most cases, you’ll need to schedule a consultation. This means that a contractor will drop by your house, check it out and then put together a quotation for a home addition. The contractor will want to meet your needs with regard to size and budget. This is your opportunity to communicate your vision and get an understanding of the cost and scope of this undertaking. For example, a bare-bones garage addition will carry a very different cost than a complete second storey addition with high-end fixtures and fittings at every turn.

Are You Ready for a Home Addition?

Now that you have the inside scoop on home additions, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not a home addition is right for you. The key to deciding is considering your finances, the interruption which will be caused by construction and the benefits and drawbacks. Taking care to explore all of the variables will help you to make a wiser decision.

A home addition can be anything, from a family room to a second bathroom to a sunroom and beyond. To find out more, connect with a great home addition contractor in Ottawa today. When you do, you’ll get the expert advice and services that you need.