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Monthly Archives: September 2015

5 Creative Stretch Ceiling Ideas

5 Creative Stretch Ceiling Ideas

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Home renovation and interior work is a booming industry. With individuals taking their own inspiration and finding the right home renovation contractors, truly amazing things result. From rooms that define classy to those that defy expectations, there is no end to the variety and variation. Let’s take a moment to consider how stretch ceilings play into this and examine five creative stretch ceiling ideas.

So What Is A Stretch Ceiling Exactly?

A stretch ceiling was originally invented in Europe as a means to enhance interior design. Generally speaking, a thin film or plastic is stretched over the ceiling to create a beautiful profile that is stunning. Able to be shaped to the room that it is in, stretch ceilings can be placed below most ceilings, creating a truly remarkable look that will both please and inspire house guests. In addition, when seeking the help of companies or general contractors with experience in stretch ceilings, you will be able to minimize the frame and incorporate the overall design seamlessly into your room. So, what are some creative stretch ceiling ideas?

1. Sunlit Sky

A series of scientific papers have drawn links between our moods and the context clues around us. In particular, nature as well as the sun play an important role in shaping how we feel. As a result, a popular stretch ceiling idea, especially for those in basement apartments or where there is limited sky visibility is the cloud-filled sky stretch ceiling.

2. The Stars

A popular option for kids, having a stretch ceiling of the night sky can add charm and interest in a kid’s room. In addition, it can serve as a beautiful backdrop when the lights are turned out at night and the child goes to sleep.

3. A Secondary Flair

Many ceiling that make use of stretch ceilings also make use of multi-level ceiling design. With this design, there is the original ceiling. Cut into the original ceiling and raised an additional six inches is a raised segment that uses a stretch ceiling. The end result is that the ceiling looks like it ends and then opens up into whatever beautiful pattern you decide to use.

4. Merge Wall with Ceiling

Ceiling stretches have also been used to merge colors and designs between ceilings and wall. Utilizing the tiered ceiling designed discussed above, many people make their ceiling stretch the same color as the wall, continuing a visual aesthetic on the ceiling.

5. Defy Expectation

Ceiling stretches are perfect for optical illusions. Whether you are creating a vortex that makes a flat space look fully 3D or are simply playing around with expectations by putting a scene that would not normally be found on the ceiling, the options are only limited by your creativity and the expertise of your renovation contractor.

Contact Lucas Contracting today to discuss the stretch ceiling possibilities available to your home or business.

The Framing Contractors' Experience

The Framing Contractors’ Experience

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Experienced framing contractors are trained in building frames for commercial and residential structures. As a home or business owner, you’ll need a proficient framing contractor like Lucas Contracting who understands municipal regulations, building codes, and mandatory safety regulations. Before hiring the framing contractor, do your homework and determine whether the contractor works closely with steel framing or dimensional lumber. More importantly, conduct additional research to determine whether the contractor is licensed in the field.

A skilled framing contractor certified within the construction industry will understand the essentials for building the ideal frame for your home or business. Continue reading to understand why hiring an experienced framing contractor is a crucial element of moving into your new home or office space.

Knowledgeable in Residential Construction

Knowing why experienced framing contractors are important can be as simple as understanding their work. An experienced framing contractor knows that building a frame for your home is a sophisticated task that requires extensive focus, patience, and attention to detail. While on site, the contractor will first install a sill plate which is often made of lumber and provides the bottom portion of a wall or building. Successfully constructing the sill plate is essential for building the roof, flooring, and walls. To prevent costly mistakes later, an experienced contractor will understand that each step in this process must be completed in order.

Upon completing these initial steps, the contractor will continue the framing project by installing exterior house boxing, subflooring, and roof deck sheathing. These next steps can only be completed successfully if the contractor possess the ability to understand architectural symbols, read blueprints, and coordinate effectively with the rest of the crew. Framing contractors experienced in residential projects typically work with single family, duplex, and multifamily projects as there are fewer units to work with.

Knowledgeable in Commercial Construction

If you’re a business owner, hiring an experienced framing contractor is equally important. Framing contractors trained in commercial construction typically build retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and occasionally large apartment complexes. Generally, only certified contractors hold the experience and credentials to complete these projects, however, all framing contractors must abide by municipal regulations.

A framing contractor’s work requires extensive knowledge and training in construction equipment. Tools and equipment include household maintenance items such as nails, screws, and hammers, which are worn on the contractor’s tool belt. More advanced tools include a variety of different saws, laser equipment, air-powered tools, and scaffolding equipment. As a home or business owner, these tools are dangerous to use without proper certification and training. Knowing how experienced framing contractors work and understanding their value is crucial.

For more information about framing contractors or to hire a professional and experienced framing contractor for your next project, contact Lucas Contracting today.

The Importance of Scheduling a Roof Inspection

The Importance of Scheduling A Roof Inspection

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One of the most ignored parts of the home is the roof. Granted, it can be hard to see and as a result stay out of our minds. However, one of the leading reasons why people are disinclined to get a roof inspection is because of the prices associated with roof work. Much higher than most other exterior work done on the home, many people put it off for as long as possible before addressing the issue. Let’s take a moment to review why scheduling a roof inspection is so important.

  1. Reduce Future Costs

When it comes to roofs, the sooner you identify and fix a problem, the more money you will save in the long run. Small problems can gradually worsen over time, as heat, moisture, and a myriad of other agitators can make use of a tiny opening and cause a lot of damage. In addition to gradually costing you more money, you will also lose roof integrity, increasing the chances of leaks. There is also the chance that if something was to land on your roof, that it would collapse through in its weakened state as opposed to holding strong. Finally, there is the eventual risk of a roof collapse and repair that would run thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in cost.

  1. Venting Money Out Of Your Roof

Scheduling a roof inspection is often the first thing people do to save money.  Like it or not, if you have not recently had your roof replaced, then it may be the primary means that heating and cooling leaves your house. This results in you spending more money over time trying to keep your house the right temperature, costing you more in bills. With a roof inspection, a trained and qualified individual will carefully inspect the exterior of your roof as well as your attic to see if and where there are any problems like heat/cooling loss. By getting the work done now, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in expenses in the future.

  1. Peace of Mind

The roof has often been considered the housing equivalent of a toothache. No matter how much a tooth may bother us, we are generally inclined to ignore it and hope that it will go away on its own. By having your roof inspected, you provide yourself with a peace of mind that every homeowner deserves. With their careful attention to detail and consultation, a professional roofer will be able to tell you what if anything is wrong. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to start taking the necessary steps to fix any problems.

Contact Lucas Contracting today to schedule a roof inspection on your home or commercial property.

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A Guide To Choosing The Right Bathroom Flooring

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Are you looking for the right bathroom flooring? Let’s take a moment to review what options are available through the brief guide below.

  1. Consider The Basics

Regardless of the material you choose for your bathroom flooring, it should satisfy a few criteria. First, the material should be moisture-proof.  Your bathroom is frequently exposed to high humidity and wet conditions that other parts of your home never experience. As a result, the flooring will have to be particularly resistant. In addition to being moisture-proof, it will help you a great deal to get something that is stain-resistant as well. Like it or not, bathroom floors are exposed to a lot of chemicals and the right set of conditions to make staining commonplace. A final basic consideration is that your bathroom flooring be skid-resistant. This means that even when your bathroom floor is wet, you shouldn’t slip easily on the surface.

  1. Consider The Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks about going cheap is durability. The cheaper you go, the shorter the length of time will go by before you have to replace the flooring again. Vinyl usually falls under this category. While cheap and backed by a warranty, they are generally a poor choice for bathrooms due to the moisture. Ceramic bathroom tiles are a preferred choice. While more expensive, they are resistant to chipping, scratches, and cracks. The downside, however, is that they can feel cold in the morning. Glass and glazed ceramic is also popular, though it frequently comes the tiles are frequently sold at far higher cost per square foot than anything listed above.

  1. Consider The Use

Will this bathroom be used primarily by kids? If so, then you may want to go for ceramic tiles, as they are very water resistant. However, if your primary concern is safety, then glass or glazed tiles with an anti-slip glaze on top can work wonders in providing the security you require, even in the wettest conditions. In addition, if you are designing a bathroom floor around an aging parent, then having this extra grip on the floor may be crucial for their safety as well.

  1. Consider Your Style

If you have a particular vision for your bathroom and it requires a less-than-optimal flooring option, then go with it. There are always things you can use to make up for any deficiency in the floor, including anti-slide mats for slippery floors and water collectors for flooring that does a poor job at handling moisture.  Simply put, where there is a will there is a way.

Have any more questions about bathroom flooring? At Lucas Contracting, we’re here to help.