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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Custom Home

The Beauty of a Custom Home

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Are you left feeling cold by row upon rows of cookie cutters homes in your neighbourhood? Do you have a creative spark that you’d like to see reflected in your home? If so, a custom home from Lucas Contracting might be right for you. Let’s explore the beauty of designing and building a custom home:

Your Dream, Your Home

When you choose to build a custom home, you have complete and total control over every aspect of your home, from the dimensions of each room to the slope of the roof to the tile width in the bathroom. Our talented design team can offer plenty of guidance or recommendations if you need some design inspiration, but you have final say over every specification of your brand new custom home. This is your chance to combine all of your favourite elements into a home that is entirely unique, and entirely yours.


When you are renovating an existing home, you are limited by the existing layout of the plumbing systems, unless you want to spend a lot of money rearranging the system. Likewise, in cookie-cutter new builds, you are restricted in this regard. Not so with a custom home from Lucas Contracting. You get to choose where each and every plumbing element is installed, including sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. Combine the best of form and function without being limited by an existing arrangement.


It can be frustrating purchasing a “used” home and having to pay for costly renovations to make the home your own. Pulling up carpet, resanding old floors, trying to live in a home where 50-year old dust is being kicked up. With a custom home, you get to treat yourself. Choose whatever modern flooring option you like (warm and natural red oak? eco-friendly light bamboo?) and sit back while our hard-working team brings it all together.

Never Settle

In “used” homes and model new build homes alike, you are limited by others in terms of size and style. Not so with a custom home. You never again have to settle for living in a home built according to someone else’s vision or style. Purchasing a home is expensive enough as it is, and renovations are costly and take a while. With that much investment on the line, you may as well fully commit to the process with a stunning custom home.

Contact our team to start the process of turning your dream home into a reality. Give us your “wish list” and we’ll get started on building a gorgeous custom home with every detail built according to your exact specifications.

Foundation problems

Can You Fix Foundation Problems on Your Own?

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Have you noticed a foundation crack on your home? If it doesn’t look to major, you probably figure you can pick up a DIY kit at Home Depot and call it a day. This “quick fix” could actually make the problem much worse. Here is why you should always call the foundation repair team at Lucas Contracting to resolve all of your foundation issues:

Where’s the Source?

Just because there is an obvious external crack doesn’t mean that’s the only problem. It could be a symptom, not the cause. Your DIY fix might only be a Band-Aid solution at best while the source continues to threaten your home. Our foundation repair experts know what to look for and can identify and fix the source problem, not just symptoms.

Equipment & Tools

You can spend a lot of money on tools and equipment that you’ll never use again, yet it still doesn’t compare to the professional equipment at the disposal of our foundation repair team. We have the equipment to get your foundation repair done right the first time.

Cause Further Damage

If you aren’t particularly handy, you might just waste your time and money trying to fix a foundation problem on your own. Even worse, you could actually cause further damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead of putting your foundation and home at risk, call our foundation repair team to fix the problem right away.

Personal Injury

If you don’t have experience or proper safety equipment and try to repair your foundation on your own, you could end up hurting yourself. Anything from a stubbed finger to electrocution to far worse if you cause a support beam to collapse or wall to cave. Protect your personal safety and trust the experts instead.

Time to Sell

Should you decide to sell your home in the future, you’ll regret your decision to take a DIY approach. Not only is your work probably sloppy, but it isn’t covered by warranty. The buyer will ask questions, and you won’t be able to give a convincing answer about the quality of the work. When you choose foundation repair from Lucas Contracting, our work is guaranteed and you’ll be proud to tell prospective buyers about the quality of the repair.

If you have a foundation crack, don’t put the integrity of your home at risk with a DIY fix. Turn to the experts at Lucas Contracting and get it done right.

Green roof

6 Benefits of a Green Roof

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Are you looking to upgrade your roof? If so, you should definitely investigate the benefits of a green roof. Lucas Roofing is at the forefront of the green roofing initiative and our team has extensive experience with expert installation. In addition to the tremendous ecological benefits of green roofing, you will also experience many benefits as a homeowner:

Extend Lifespan

Traditional roofing products wear down much faster than green roofing. For one, roofing components like shingles can become damaged over time due to weather and wind. Waterproofing membranes can also experience micro-tears due to temperature fluctuations. With a green roof, there are no shingles to be damaged, and waterproofing membranes do not experience the same temperature fluctuations. If you want to double or triple the lifespan of your roof, then you should choose a green roof installed by a professional Ottawa roofing company.

Save Money

Green roofs significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Traditional roofs are the cause of the greatest heat loss in your home in the winter, and reach the highest temperatures in the summer. A green roof greatly reduces both of these effects. According to a 2003 study by the National Research Council of Canada, green roofs lower summertime air conditioning demand by 75%. In the winter, homes with green roofs retain up to 35% more warmth than traditional roofs. What does that mean for you? More money in your pocket every month.

Stormwater Management

Green roofs blend seamlessly into our environment’s water cycle. Rainwater is stored by the substrate. The water is then taken up by the plants and later returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. This advantageous benefit is contrasted with traditional roofs, which often route water down toward your home’s foundation. This could lead to foundation deterioration or water damage in your basement. Stormwater management helps the environment, but it also helps to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Green Space

Aside from the obvious economic and environmental benefits, green roofs also turn your otherwise bland and dull roof into a functional garden space. Especially if you do not have much yard space, this can be a very attractive feature. Hone your green thumb, improve your home’s curb appeal, and increase the value of your home with a functional garden space atop your home.

Join the green movement and help protect the environment while getting some great added benefits as a homeowner. Contact our Ottawa roofing company today for more information or to request a free quote.

Roof inpection

Why You Should Schedule a Roof Inspection

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Whether you are a homeowner or manage a large-scale commercial or industrial project, roof inspections are tremendously important. Not only can our roofing inspectors diagnose and solve current issues, they can prevent future problems from developing and costing you more money for repair and replacement down the road.

When to Schedule an Inspection

Home and business owners should have their asphalt roofs inspected every three years, while metal roofs should be professionally inspected every five years. Additionally, you should schedule an inspection if you are in the processing of buying a new property. You can make sure there are no hidden problems with the roof that could affect your bottom line once the sale is completed. Also schedule an inspection if you are planning on selling your home. Minor repairs taken before you list your home or commercial building could improve the value of your property.

Exterior Inspection

Our professional team of Ottawa roof inspectors will assess all elements of your roof for damage and warning signs of vulnerabilities. We take many things into account when making our recommendations, like the age of the roof, overall condition, and estimated remaining lifespan. We check the waterproof status of the roof, make sure there are no punctures in the roofing materials and water can properly drain.

We do a physical and visual inspection of the area and conduct thermal readings for signs of damage. We look for common indicators of damage, like cracking, “alligatoring,” blisters, “fishmouths,” ponding, deformed edges, moisture, and corrosion (on metal roofs). Finally, we inspect all associated systems – eavestroughs, fasteners, drains, skylights, flashing, and chimney.

Interior Inspection

Many indicators of issues with the roof are only noticeable on the inside of the home. That is why our Ottawa roof inspectors look for cracked ceilings and water stains on the ceiling. We also inspect the walls for deformity (bowing, warping), cracks, and water stains. We inspect for cracks and leaks around windows. We check the condition of the attic as well. Finally, we inspect the alignment of doors and windows. If they stick or are otherwise warped, it could be a sign of a roof leak.

Based on this thorough inspection, we will make professional recommendations to fix your roof and safeguard the structural integrity of your home or business. Save money in the long run and protect the value of your home or building. Contact Lucas Roofing today for more information or to schedule an inspection from our Ottawa roof inspectors.

weatherproof roof

The Detrimental Effects of Weather on Your Roof

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The Ottawa area is home to some unkind weather for most of the year. From the worst of winter snow storms to windy spring days and scorching hot summers, your roof must endure many different weather conditions. Here are some of the effects that weather can have on your roof if you don’t weatherproof:

Temperature Fluctuations

Especially in the spring and fall, temperatures can vary wildly in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. One day it could be -10°C, and the next morning the temperature could approach 20°C. These temperature fluctuations make it hard enough to choose your outfit, but they are even harder on your roof. They can cause micro-tears in the waterproofing membrane of your roof, possibly leading to leaks and water damage. We can repair these micro-tears, or install a new roofing system that is resistant to tearing and cracking no matter the weather.

Hot Temperatures

During hot summer days in Ottawa, temperatures can reach the high 30s. If you have a black asphalt roof, it can’t help but absorb the rays of the sun, causing overheating. If you find you constantly have to crank the A/C during the summer, it may be time to invest in a roof which reflects away sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Heavy Snow

It’s no secret that we often have heavy winter snowfalls here in Ottawa. This snow piles up on your roof and can be quite a load to bear. If your roof has weak support or sagging trusses, it could lead to big problems, including roof collapse in very severe cases. We can repair sagging trusses to protect your roof.


Rainwater can penetrate through your roof and trickle down, causing water damage to your attic or wood beams. Improper installation, poor material choice, or shifting conditions due to wind can cause slipped flashings, cracks, tears, and other problems. We can fix any roof problem to prevent future leaks and keep your home safe on those rainy days.


Heavy winds can cause shingles to blow off or flashings to shift. This can make your roof vulnerable to water damage from rain, snow, and ice. If your roof suffers wind damage, we can repair it right away before the next round of turbulent weather hits.

You can help protect your roof and home against weather damage by investing in roofing products that are resistant to rain, wind, snow, and hail. Contact our friendly sales team today for more information.