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Monthly Archives: April 2015

eco-friendly roofing options

Green Roofing: the Eco-Friendly Option

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When it comes time to choose your next roof, it can be overwhelming to make a decision with all of the different products on the market. Green roofing is an option that is becoming increasing popular for some pretty compelling reasons:

Energy Efficiency

Green roofs provide greater insulation for your home. This helps you keep your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Research suggests that having a green roof can reduce a home’s air conditioning demands in the summer by as much as 75%. Green roofs also help to reduce the wear on heating and ventilation systems, because they end up being used less.

Cost Savings

Green roof installation is more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, but it is balanced out by cost savings in gas and electrical bills each year. You can use a Green Roof Energy Calculator online to compute how much a green roof can help you save in energy costs every year.


When the waterproofing membranes on your roof constantly experience large temperature fluctuations, micro-tearing can result. Because a green roof helps to insulate against these temperature fluctuations, your roof will be much more durable. This means you are less likely to have to deal with costly repairs down the road.

Noise Reduction

Green roofs absorb noise and sound much better than other roofing products. They are especially effective at reducing low-frequency sounds. You can enjoy a better night’s sleep knowing that outside sounds are reduced by 40-50 decibels thanks to your green roof installation.

Environmental Benefits

Green roofs help to improve air quality by capturing pollutants, filtering toxins out of the air, and absorbing CO2. They help to manage stormwater by retaining precipitation, moderating water temperature, managing runoff, and participating in the transpiration and evaporation part of the water cycle. Green roofs help reduce smog production by reducing dust and particulate matter. Finally, green roofs help to moderate the Urban Heat Island effect, also known as the albedo effect, by having one less hard absorbent urban surface.

Home Value

Green roofs are attractive features for prospective home buyers. Make your home stand out against the competition by investing in a green roof. Not only will your home be in higher demand with a green roof, you are more likely to receive higher bids from interested buyers who recognize the environmental and financial benefits of having a green roof.

When you invest in a green roof, you help the environment, your fellow citizens, wildlife, and your wallet. What’s not to love?

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Why Does Your Home Need Proper Gutters?

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If you dread seeing a single raindrop because you know it means trouble for your foundation, deck, or garden beds, it’s time to invest in proper gutters. If your home’s gutters are broken, warped, clogged, or otherwise inefficient, you’re putting your home at risk. Here are some important reasons to invest in proper gutters for your home:

Protect Your Foundation

If you do not have proper functioning gutters, heavy rainwater can leak down the side of your home and pool around your foundation. If your foundation is not properly sealed, water could leak into your basement. Water in the basement can lead to a whole bunch of huge problems – dampness, mould, foul odours, health problems, the list goes on. We can install seamless aluminum gutters which safely direct water away from the structure of your home. This ensures that both your foundation and basement are protected against the consequences of water damage.

Protect Wood Decking

If you have wood decking or decorative wood features on the outside of your home, they can be vulnerable to warping and rotting if they experience direct rainwater downpour. These problems are entirely preventable with the installation of seamless gutters which safely direct water away from these sensitive materials. If the wood in your deck starts to rot, it could be dangerous and make your deck hazardous to walk on.

Save Your Landscaping

When heavy rain is allowed to fall directly on your meticulously landscaped gardens, it can sweep them away. Your beautiful flowers can become oversaturated and die, and your landscaping can be destroyed by heavy rain. Even worse, if your garden butts up against the side of your home, the heavy water load can leak down to the foundation and possibly cause water to leak into the basement if there are any cracks. Proper gutters can direct rainwater away from your landscaped gardens, keeping them vibrant all season long.

Why Aluminum Gutters?

Aluminum gutters do not rust and have a long lifespan of more than thirty years. Aluminum gutters are the durable and cost-effective choice for any home gutter systems. They are a low-maintenance option, designed to divert debris and stay clear of clogging, in even the most inclement weather. Whether you need to have the entire gutter system reinstalled or simply need damaged, sagging, loose, or missing gutters to be replaced, we can perform any job to the highest satisfaction.

Protect your foundation, basement, gardens, and overall property by investing in proper gutters.

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Choosing the Right Roofing Product for Your Home

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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, protecting the structure of the home and all of your belongings against the elements. There are a lot of roofing products on the market, from the most basic asphalt to metal roofs and solar panels. How do you know what roof to choose for your home? Follow this guide to help inform your decision:


Roofing products range in price depending on the quality, durability, and aesthetic value. The choice is entirely up to you, but the old adage that you get what you pay for often holds true. Traditional asphalt shingles are affordable, but come with drawbacks in terms of wear and longevity. Green roofs are more expensive to install, but pay off in the long run with savings in heating and cooling costs.


Roofing products have differing lifespans depending on their material composition. You want to choose a roofing product that can withstand harsh Ontario weather conditions without wearing, chipping, peeling, rotting, or leading to leaks and water damage. Metal roofing products can last over a century with proper care, which means your new roof could be the last roof you ever have to purchase.


Appearance should be no small consideration when it comes to choosing a new roof. If you have the opportunity to enhance the look of your home, why wouldn’t you? We install roofing products in a wide range of colours, styles, and designs. Whether you like the Mediterranean style of Decra Villa Style metal shingles, or the classic look of wood roofing made with synthetic and eco-friendly materials, you can find a roofing product that suits your style.

Maintenance Requirements

Most of our roofing installations are performed to require the least maintenance possible. Still, some roofing products require more or less maintenance than their counterparts. Wakefield Bridge shingles are virtually maintenance-free, while a green roof with vegetable gardens and vibrant plants will require more labour to keep it maintained.

Environmental Impact

Nowadays, we have the benefit of many eco-friendly roofing options. Euroshield shingles are made out of used rubber tires, finding a way to recycle materials that were destined for the landfill. Metal roofs reflect away sun beams, keeping your home cooler in the summer. Green roofs absorb rainwater and use it productively. If you are eco-conscious, there are many roofing options from which to choose.

We stand behind all of our roofing products. Whether you prefer a traditional asphalt roof, a modern and elegant metal roof, or an eco-friendly green roof, we have the skill and experience to install any new roof and enhance the look of your home.

Choosing Your Ceiling Design

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When it comes to interior home renovations, Ottawa homeowners should make sure not to overlook the importance of ceiling choice. You waste a lot of potential opting for a boring white drywall ceiling or leaving an unsightly popcorn ceiling to hang over your gorgeous new upscale interior remodel. Say goodbye to drab with these stunning ceiling design options:


Wallpaper is definitely a hot new look for ceilings in 2015. Wallpaper is an extremely cost-effective way to give your ceiling a pop of colour and texture. There are thousands of patterns, designs, and hues to choose from, so you can get the exact look you want to bring the perfect finishing touches to your newly renovated room. Bright and playful wallpaper will vivify kids rooms, while embossed white wallpaper can give your formal dining room that classy touch.

Wood Plank

Inspired by beach houses, a wood plank ceiling is a fantastic way to add a warm yet modern feel to your newly renovated space. A reclaimed redwood ceiling can add a spa-like aesthetic to your bathroom retreat, while a vaulted ceiling with rustic pine will make your family room feel large and inviting. Wood plank ceilings can easily be stained, whitewashed, or painted to suit your particular design tastes, or you can leave them bare for an outdoorsy feel.

Exposed Beam

Exposed beam ceilings add a warm rustic charm to any room. They work especially well in great rooms, living rooms, and libraries. Exposed beams shine as part of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, giving great heights to the room.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceilings are the ideal option if you want to give any room an elegant and sophisticated enhancement instantly. They can be installed quickly with no dust or debris, saving you plenty of time. Stretch ceilings come in an remarkable variety of colour and design options, allowing you to tailor the look perfectly to suit your own design preferences. Stretch ceilings are also incredibly durable, as they do not fade and the surface will not peel or crack. Enhance your home renovation with the incredible look of stretch ceilings.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are a great choice in large formal rooms, especially if the ceiling space is quite high. The geometric grid of a coffered ceiling adds symmetry and refinement to entertaining spaces and dining rooms. In combination with recessed lighting and a central hanging chandelier, coffered ceilings look incredible.

No amazing home renovation is truly complete without consideration for the ceiling selection. Any one of these great ceiling options can add the perfect finishing touch to your dream home renovation.

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Pros and Cons of Open Concept Designs

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There is something very appealing about the idea of knocking down walls and creating an open concept living space. With your kitchen, living, and dining room areas combined in one bright and inviting space, homes can instantly feel larger. Yet, there are also a few drawbacks that might turn some people away. Ottawa contractors advise you to consider these pros and cons before making a decision:

Pro: Keep an Eye on the Kids

An open concept design that merges the kitchen and living room space allows you to watch the kids easily and ensure they play safely while you are preparing dinner. Homemade meals are a good way to gather the family together every night, but in a closed concept kitchen, you are walled off from the family while you prepare meals. The open concept design lets you interact with your kids and still have time for delicious home cooking.

Con: Noises

Walls don’t just separate space; they also help to dampen sound. While open concept designs can look extraordinary, sometimes they show their flaws when it actually comes time live in wide open space without noise dividers. Some people might be annoyed by the sound of the dishwasher running or meals sizzling on the stove.

Pro: Entertain While Cooking

An open concept design is great for entertaining guests. There’s nothing worse than hosting a dinner party yet being separated from the conversation when you’re in the kitchen cooking. This issue is eliminated, and you can join in the fun social talk while preparing amazing hors d’oeuvres and entrées for your guests.

Cons: Visible Mess

On the other hand, untidiness or messiness is easily visible from all vantage points in an open concept design. While you can hide away pots and pans in an enclosed kitchen, not so with an open concept design. Ottawa contractors can minimize this a bit thanks to great shelving options or a breakfast bar that can block the view of the sink, but it’s still something to consider.

Con: Less Effective Cooling/Heating

As visually attractive as open concept designs can be, the larger space means it takes longer for the room to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Smaller rooms can circulate air more efficiently and more speedily heat or cool the space.

Pro: Natural Light

One amazing benefit to open concept designs is the increased amount of natural light. Without walls to block light from outdoors, your living room, dining room, and kitchen instantly feel brighter and airier.

Whether you choose an open concept design or wish to remain with a traditional closed concept, you can have an incredible home renovation built by professional Ottawa contractors.