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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

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Many people don’t take the time to stop and consider some of the finer features they could include in their kitchen remodel. Here are some exceptional ideas to consider for the kitchen renovations Ottawa homeowners dream of:

Breakfast Area

The breakfast area is an often overlooked kitchen feature most families would welcome. You can work with your contractor to find a way to make it work in your remodel. Whether you have the potential to add additional space or can work with wasted space you never considered, a breakfast area is a wonderful place for casual family dinners and people to gather during parties.

Ceiling Detail

The perfectly designed kitchen features ceiling detail that completes the look. From elegant, deep coffered ceilings to interesting textures reflecting the look of traditional tin, the kitchen is the perfect room to add interest to the detail of your ceiling. Think of beams for a cottage feel or barn board for a rustic look. Cape Cod loves bead board and modern kitchens are ideal for deep set overhead lighting to set a contemporary mood.

Eclectic Flooring

Hardwood is always a lovely touch to any room, however it can get a little boring. The kitchen is the perfect place to have a little fun with the flooring using checkerboard tiles, interesting insets and even rustic painting techniques. You can go upscale with marble or stone or create a mosaic using tile. Sheet vinyl can also be cut into interesting, artfully inspired patterns.

Double Appliances

The ultimate host has double appliances to accommodate cooking a gourmet meal. Double ovens and cook tops keep everything cooking without having to reheat anything. Double dishwashers makes clean up a snap and double fridges store all the fresh foods and drinks you need even for larger parties.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials are popular for the kitchen renovations Ottawa homeowners undergo. From bamboo cabinets and flooring to recycled glass and paper countertops, being eco-conscious during your renovation can make you feel good about your kitchen once it is completed.

Natural Light

Natural light can make your dream kitchen bright and airy for easy food prep and lower energy bills. Consider adding more windows, skylights or knocking out a back wall to add garden doors out to the deck.

These innovative ideas help make the kitchen renovations Ottawa home owners undergo well planned and dream worthy.

6 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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There are many reasons homeowners consider using an eco-friendly flooring option when they are decorating their homes. Ottawa construction companies have many green flooring choices homeowners love including these great options:


Cork is not only beautiful it is practical. It is the ideal flooring for areas such as the kitchen as it offers a buffer when glasses and dishes are dropped. Cork comes in many different textures, patterns and configurations making it a versatile option as well. You can find cork stained in a number of tones just like wood making it comparable in its application and selection. It is a sustainable material that contains natural antimicrobial properties which fights allergens and also resists mold from damp. This adds to its appeal as an excellent and popular green choice Ottawa construction companies can install in kitchens.


Also 100 percent sustainable, bamboo is highly durable and equally as attractive as hardwood. It comes in many grains, stains and patterns making it versatile, elegant and comparable to less eco-friendly wood.


Linoleum might not seem like an eco-friendly option but it is actually made from natural materials. Unlike vinyl, linoleum contains linseed oil. Sawdust and tree are just two example resins that make its natural makeup. It comes in a number of patterns and colours making it a fun option ideal for kitchens and even entry halls.


Recently glass tiles have made a splash as the go to tile for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, however they are also now making their way to the floor. Perfect for elegant bathrooms, glass tile is made from recycled bottles and adds a custom look with plenty of charm and personality.

Wool Carpet

Carpeting is still a preferred flooring choice for stairs as well as bedrooms and basements. Wool carpet is 100 percent sustainable and contains no volatile chemicals that are harmful to the environment. You can also find runners and area rugs made of sustainable jute, sea grass, sisal and cotton as another sustainable carpeting option.

Reclaimed Hardwood

If you have your heart set on hardwood reclaimed hardwood is an option. It is made from reclaimed wood or salvaged from renovation sites and demolitions. It has plenty of character and add a rustic look or can be refurbished to elegant perfection.

From love of the planet to beauty and durability to price, there are many reasons to opt for eco-friendly flooring.

The Benefits of Open Living Concept

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When building a new home or renovating an old one, Ottawa residents often consult general contractors for their expertise. The majority of general contractors in Ottawa will often recommend a modern, open concept living space when undergoing major renovations. They suggest this because there are many benefits to open concept living including:

Let the Sun Shine

Nothing lets the sun shine into your home more effectively than an open concept plan. It works wonderfully for townhouses and row houses that have limited windows at the front and back of the home. Open plans also work well in semi-detached homes with limited outer wall space. Without walls to interfere with the sun and block the windows you will always have plenty of natural light. Working with a general contractor, Ottawa homeowners can explore the best options to bring in the most light.

Clear Line of Sight

Open concepts are an excellent option if you have small children. You will have a clear line of sight for the entire floor allowing you to keep an eye on them while you work in the kitchen. You can also work with layouts allowing you to watch TV while you cook or to set up a work area for kids to do their homework close by while you make dinner.

Entertainment Friendly

An open plan will make your home entertainment friendly home. Whether you are in the kitchen, sitting at the dining room or relaxing in the living room everyone can talk easily without feeling left out of the fun. Planning with a general contractor Ottawa homeowners will find the perfect layout for easy conversation.

Open & Large

An open concept layout makes your home feel larger. You will be able to break down the walls separating your home into a series of small rooms and create one large open space filled with light and an airy feeling.

Decorative Kitchen

If your renovations are going to involve a brand new kitchen you will want to show it off. Stunning kitchens are always the focal point of a main floor open plan making all of your efforts and investment well worth it.

When working with a general contractor Ottawa homeowners can discuss the possibility of open concept for their home. Your general contractor can assess the structural challenges and make recommendations that will open up your space. You can then enjoy living in a spacious, light filled home ideal for entertaining and family living.

4 Modern Basement Designs

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Whether you basement is completely unfinished, or looks extremely outdated, a modern basement design will provide your family with a much needed living space. Ottawa general contractors have many modern basement ideas to help you create a welcome retreat for family and friends including:

Customized Bar

If you fancy yourself a bit of a craft beer expert, or wine connoisseur, and enjoy entertaining in modern living spaces, the basement is the perfect place to create a bar. A unique open design concept with an eye catching bar centre piece is the perfect place to retire after a lovely dinner party where people can gather and enjoy drinks and conversation. A built in wet bar provides you with the perfect entertaining base where you can go all out with a wine fridge, beer on tap and all the spirits you need to mix up some signature cocktails. You can even add a toaster oven for heating up appetizers.

Office Space

The modern basement design often incorporates an office space where the workaholic in you has a place to work quietly. The modern lifestyle often includes an element of telecommuting that many people prefer over travelling to the office every day. Ottawa general contractors can provide luxuries such as a built in desk and storage as well as the proper configuration for electrical outlets to keep you functioning effectively when working from home. It is also a great space for kids to do homework, or for you to pay bills, catch up on emails or surf the web.

Laundry Room

You have a number of options for the modern laundry room including the addition of storage space, counter tops for folding and a built in ironing board. You can also consider moving the laundry room upstairs for convenience and then using the existing plumbing to build a spa bathroom as the perfect retreat at the end of the day.


The home theatre is not just about a big screen TV and a sofa any more. The modern basement renovation includes the latest in built in sound systems, automatic screens and even customized seating. In smaller basements you can opt to combine your media room/living room/theatre by using large comfy sofas ideal for gaming and conversation with a retractable big screen and hidden projectors for the best of both worlds.

Ottawa general contractors can make your basement modern, comfortable and functional incorporating your needs and your wants perfectly.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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If you are finding your bathroom is lacking in comfort and functionality these five upgrades can create a luxurious sanctuary to start and end your day:

Heated Floors

Improve your bathroom with a touch of new tiles and heated flooring. The general contractors Ottawa homeowners hire for their bathroom upgrades can install heated floors so you never need slippers in the bathroom again. This upgrade is a reasonably easy undertaking and you will not only have warmth underfoot, but stunning new floors as well.

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is a wonderful addition to the luxurious bathroom. It offers a warm embrace following a shower or bath and is also great for a closer, more effective shave. This is an easy and affordable installation and can be a finishing touch in a newer bathroom that doesn’t need much to make it perfect.

Modern Dual Sinks

Put an end to crowding with the addition of dual sinks. You’ll both appreciate having your own separate place to take care of your morning routine. Appeal to your sense of esthetics with a new, modern look. There are many options from which to choose from raised glass bowls to lovely marble and porcelain. The general contractors Ottawa hire can also add new faucets to complete the look.

Luxury Bathtub and Shower

Add a touch of spa like conveniences to your bathroom with a new luxury bathtub and shower. There are many stunning tubs not only designed for luxury and comfort but to create a lovely focal point in your bathroom. Showers have become a main attraction to the bathroom with glassed in walls and gorgeous tile detail. Talk to your general contractors and go all out with a fully computerized system. You can personalize your settings from pulse and pressure to temperature to lighting. Sigh.


Natural light is always a bonus in the bathroom. Ladies can apply natural looking makeup while gentlemen can get every last hair on their chinny, chin, chin. It is also a softer and easier light on the eyes in the morning. You can even enjoy a view of the night sky while you luxuriate in your new tub after a long, hard day.

Let the general contractors Ottawa hires create your dream bathroom with these five luxurious upgrades.