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Monthly Archives: September 2014

How to Custom Build Your Next Home

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A custom home allows you to have every detail built to your exact specifications from the number of rooms to the final details of your brand new kitchen. Here are the steps involved in custom building your next home:

The Location

Many people prefer the idea of purchasing an older, run down or small home on a large property they can tear down and then rebuild. Others might look for a more out of the way spot where they can purchase the land and start from scratch. One of the main considerations is an existing home will already have access to public utilities such as water, electricity and gas, so choose your location wisely!

Find a Contractor

Just as the renovations Ottawa home owners undergo, building a house requires a trustworthy, knowledgeable contractor to manage the job. In order to find the right contractor try speaking to your soon to be neighbours, friends and family as word of mouth tends to work well. People will be forthcoming and honest about the work that was performed. Make sure you also research your potential contractor to ensure there aren’t any complaints about the contractor. You can also look for reviews as well as testimonials. Get detailed quotes from your short list of contractors so you can make comparisons of materials and costs.

Create a Plan

Timelines will play a huge role in your project so you will want to discuss your contractor’s availability and the estimated date of completion. A plan can be laid out for each milestone working back from the date you plan to move in. Communication is key, and starting the project with a detailed plan will keep things moving smoothly. There should be a lot of going back and forth with the contractor throughout the project to finalize details as well as to get updates on progress.

Design and Finish

Choosing designs and finishes is the fun part of the project. It is important to opt for finishes you can live with for a long time. The renovations Ottawa home owners undergo tend to lean towards the modern. However, classic design and durable materials will keep your home timely and well maintained for years to come.

[sociallocker]A walk through nearing the end of the project will help you identify any changes you might want as well as any errors you might spot. You can also arrange a home inspection to ensure everything is up to code before you move in.[/sociallocker]

Designing the Perfect Living Room

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Your living room is a space in which you spend much of your time enjoying the company of family as well as entertaining guests. Designing the perfect living room takes a lot of thought in order to create a space that is comfortable, functional and beautiful.

Open up the Space

The biggest trend with Ottawa home renovations is knocking down walls to open up the space. Open concept living offers a more modern look to your home as well as an easier way to keep an eye on the kids when you are working in the kitchen. You will love the feeling of spaciousness added from an open concept and will also benefit from more natural light flowing into the home.

Add Hardwood

No renovation is complete without the addition of stunning hardwood floors. Hardwood floors offer a high end look to any home while lessening the amount of allergens in the air. There are many hardwood floors to choose including many eco-friendly options using sustainable materials such as bamboo. You will love the easy care and look of hardwood floors and it will also increase the value of your home substantially.

Finish the Walls

A good designer understands the importance of adding interest to a room. You can use a unique paint colour to create an accent wall or even add an interesting geometric or classic wallpaper for interest. You can look for ideal areas to use paint or wallpaper including:

• Using a brighter or deeper colour in an alcove such as a bay window
• Accenting a wall in the hall across from your living room
• Adding a bright colour for a touch of fun above the fireplace
• Using a deeper, richer colour for a little drama above a picture rail
• Using wallpaper subtly on the walls behind built ins or surrounding the fireplace

Add Built-Ins

Built-ins add a sense of substance to a living room. You can create an entertainment unit or install book shelves for a more traditional library feel. You can also use built-ins around a fireplace as part of an extended mantle. Window seats are lovely in living rooms with bay windows to create a secret place to read as well as additional storage space.

These Ottawa home renovations will help you design the perfect living room that is functional, attractive and most of all comfortable.

Renovations that Sell Your Home

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When you are ready for your home to undergo renovations, it is a good idea to consider changes that will help sell your home down the road. Here are some of the best investments that will add value and appeal to potential buyers:

Finished Basement

A finished basement provides much needed additional living space important to today’s families. Most people look for a home that has the space available for a home office, as well as a place for the family to spend time together in a comfortable, and casusial setting. It is also a good idea to create a basement guest suite, equipped with storage and a bathroom if you tend to have overnight guests regularly.

Updated Kitchen & Bath

Savvy home buyers are often looking for high end, modern finishes for their home. That places kitchen and bath remodels at the top of most buyers’ must have lists. Modern kitchens with plenty of storage and counter space in hand with high end finishes sell houses easily. As well luxurious, spa like bathrooms and ensuites are the ultimate indulgence for the young professional.

New Roof

Passing a home inspection is always an important detail when selling a home. Having a new roof not only adds curb appeal but also provides energy efficiency. A selling point for home buyers it that new roofs usually come with transferrable warranties.

Waterproofed Deck

Outdoor living spaces have also risen in demand. A waterproofed deck offers a low maintenance garden feature that home buyers will appreciate. It will make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves having summer gatherings, barbecues and relaxing.

Fresh Paint

Fresh paint is a must even for newer homes. A neutral colour throughout the home will allow people to look past cosmetic details and envision themselves living in your home. It will also keep your house looking well cared for and inviting. Avoid bold colours and refresh each room with a coat of neutral warmth in beiges, warm whites and even warmer grays.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are probably one of the list toppers for most home buyers. Old carpet does not appeal to anyone, especially on the main floor. Sleek wood floors will raise the bar and help attract interest and offers.

[sociallocker]These renovations will raise your home’s appeal while providing you with comfortable living until you decide it is time to sell.[/sociallocker]

Why You Shouldn’t Always Do-It-Yourself

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Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s there were a number of very popular DIY shows. Although these shows were great for TV, not all homeowners can create masterpieces. As we entered 2010 a number of rescue DIY shows were created, ultimately showing viewers not everything seen on TV can be created at home. Here are four good reasons why you shouldn’t do major home renovations or projects yourself:

Costly Mistakes

The professional renovations Ottawa homeowners undergo are covered in the rare case a mistake occurs. When you choose to go it alone you hope your budget will be able to sustain any errors you might make. Your errors can range in seriousness from using poor judgment and buying the wrong materials for a project, to damaging costly materials such as hardwood floors or marble tiles by using poor technique. Even heftier damages can occur due to a plumbing or electric job gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Wrong Materials

Using the wrong materials does not just end up costing you money, as they can make your whole project fall apart, and can even be dangerous. Just because you research a project doesn’t mean you are qualified to complete it. In fact you may even find that while you are researching you might run into conflicting information that can only lead to confusion and trouble if you choose to follow the wrong advice.


The saying “happy wife, happy life” could not be more true. Your significant other may voice their opinions of you taking on a project by yourself. Although you may think you can do it, they may have cause for concern. Save yourself the trouble and come to an agreement before the project is expected to begin. Hire a professional for the renovations Ottawa couples plan to keep the peace.


When you first start out on a project you may think that it will take just one weekend, when it reality with life getting in the way it could take up to six months to complete! This means living in disastrous conditions with dangerous tools lying around, messy areas throughout the home and dust and dirt everywhere.

Avoid the disaster of a DIY project and hire a pro for your renovations in Ottawa.