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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Importance of Having a Home Inspected Before Buying

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When buying a home it is easy to get caught up in the moment and make a purchase based on emotion instead of logic. Unfortunately this can result in purchasing a home that may end up costing you quite a bit of money. To avoid this it is best do a thorough home inspection before buying. Here’s why:

Adjusting Your Offer

Submitting an offer with an inspection clause will not only protect you from buying a home with serious issues, but it also provides you with the option to go back and negotiate if the house needs some repairs. An experienced Ottawa contractor will know exactly what to look for, as well as help you put a price to any required repairs. These numbers can add up to great savings, and can provide you with the information you need to make a fair offer, that will land you your dream home.

The Issues Discovered

A home inspection will look at some of the most serious issues you want to avoid such as:

• Addressing problems that pose safety issues and list defects of both a minor and major nature
• Items requiring replacement, repair or service
• Items that will require future attention and may require monitoring (such as an older roof, potential foundation issues, old furnaces, etc.)

Exterior Inspection

The exterior inspection will cover areas that include:

• Exterior walls
• The foundation
• Grading
• Garage
• Roof

Interior Inspection

Your interior inspection will address:

• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Water heater
• Kitchen appliances
• Laundry room
• Fire safety
• Bathrooms

Informed Decision

Once the inspection is complete you will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to proceed with the purchase. Although not every issue may be discovered your inspection will reveal some of the obvious dangers and damages and provide you with advice including:

• When to take the offer off the table if repairs are too expensive
• What areas the seller should fix or can lead to a reduced price
• Estimates for the work required to determine their affordability
• Seriousness of each issue

As you can see, a contractor Ottawa home owners hire for house inspections can save you money in the long run.

Creating a Plan before the Renovation

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People have a tendency to underestimate the materials and timeline needed for a simple renovation, and a more complicated and detailed renovation can take over an entire home for a long period of time. Although you may have started with a quick and easy renovation making last minute changes can cause the reno to become extremely detailed, intricate and costly. The best way to avoid this from happening is for both you and your general contractors to come up with a detailed plan before beginning. Here are some tips to help you create a plan for your upcoming renovation:

Specific Idea

If you plan to stick to one given area of the home, do just that. For example, if you’re planning on redoing the kitchen don’t get side tracked by thinking the dining room would look great with wainscoting, or the windows may need replacing. Ultimately you started with the one room that needed it the most, so chances are all other changes can wait. Outline exactly what you think needs to be changed and stick to that plan. Once you have finished the renovation you had in mind, you can always look to your Ottawa general contractor for further projects.


Have a set budget with a contingency fund so you avoid throwing a lot of money at just one project. A contractor will be able to give you a pretty good estimate of how much the renovation for the kitchen, bathroom or extension will cost. With a strict budget you know exactly what you can afford and what you cannot. Your Ottawa general contractor will do their best to keep everything within budget, making you one happy home owner. A contingency fund is always a good idea in case unforeseeable problems occur such as water damage, plumbing issues or structural challenges for your layout.


As the project progresses it will be tempting to start adding changes and upgrades. This is the fastest way to go over budget. Stay in contact with your general contractor to make sure things stay on budget and to let you know if and when your budget will carry any upgrades.


Your plan should include a start and end date so you aren’t left in the lurch. You need to pin down the date the crew will show up and mark milestones such as when deliveries are scheduled and when each stage is expected to be complete. A plan with your contractor will keep your renovations on track and save you money.

Why You Should Custom Build Your Next Home

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The list of compromises you will have to when shopping for a pre-existing home can be endless. This is the main reason many home buyers end up building a custom home instead. Here are some of the advantages of building your home:

Exactly Right

When you decide to go with a custom home you will be able to have the exact layout you require. The right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms with the most comfortable configuration for your main living space will offer you a home you can grow into and have everything in place to accommodate your needs and desires.


Many people think that they will not able to afford a custom home. However if you crunch the numbers you might be surprised at how they compare to purchasing a pre-existing home. You can find many ways to save money building a custom home. As well, you will eventually end up investing more money into a pre-existing home with renovations and upgrades. With a custom home it is move in ready.

Everything is New

Your new home will not only be built with brand new materials it will also have brand new appliances and follow up to date building codes. Your home will be energy efficient, contain more health conscious and eco conscious materials and will also have the latest in plumbing and bathroom fixtures to reduce water waste. Your home will be free of hidden hazards such as old electrical or mould growth as well.

Combined Design Styles

Many people like a number of home styles and therefore find it hard to find one that appeals to their sense of esthetics. With custom design you are able to take the elements of the home styles you love and combine them for a style that suits your taste. With the help of an architect you can have the home you have always dreamed of with ultimate curb appeal and the characteristics you find charming in a home.


When building your own home you can choose the location your family will enjoy as well. Often you will be surrounded by new schools, playgrounds and shopping opportunities making your neighbourhood more appealing and convenient. However, you can also choose a remote, green area if you prefer.

You can build your dream home within your budget with all the features you desire for idyllic living.

Why Metal Roofing is the Best Option for Your Home

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More and more metal roofs are popping up throughout Ottawa. The metal roofing Ottawa homeowners are having installed have many advantages over other roofing options including:

Low Maintenance, High Warranty

Metal roofing can pretty much last a lifetime compared to asphalt which lasts an average of 17 years depending on a number of environmental factors. Metal roofs are very durable and will not peel, crack, curl or even rust regardless of the severity of the weather. This means you save money on roof repairs and replacements. Because of this easy care and exceptional durability most metal roofs come with a 50 year warranty. At best you might get a 30 year limited warranty for other types of roofs.

Saving Energy and the Planet

With the metal roofing Ottawa roofers install you will be saving energy winter, spring, summer and fall. This means less energy use which is good for the planet. Metal roofing provides an excellent insulating effect as they deflect UV rays in the summer and keep heat in the home in the winter. The lighter the colour of your roof, the better the deflection. As well you will be helping to save the environment as metal roofing has a high recycle content and also lasts longer which means less materials winding up at the dump due to roof replacement.

Good Investment

The metal roofing Ottawa home buyers seek offers an attractive feature that adds value to your home. A metal roof is considered a premium feature for a home which means you can sell  for a higher price. This can result in an ROI of 75 percent of the cost of the roofing job. You will also find your insurance costs will be lower and you can be eligible for energy tax credit incentives.


Metal roofs have unbeatable outdoor corrosion and rust resistance. They offer more longevity than any other roofing option. They can endure wind tests as high as UL 90. They are actually lightweight and can reduce the pressure on your home and its overall structural integrity so it even assists in keeping your entire home in better condition.


A metal roof is also striking and can be purchased in a number of styles and colours perfect for any home. The metal roofing Ottawa roofers provide can be ordered to suit your taste and budget.

These are just a few advantages of metal roofing.