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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Heritage Panel – Metal Roof in Haliburton

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One of our readers suggested posting some ongoing construction we are doing, to give the blog a more personal touch. In this post we’ve decided to share a metal roof job, a 26 Gauge heritage panel metal roof to be exact. This job is just being finished up in Halliburton, Ontario.

metal roof heritage panel

In order to have this done in a timely manner, Lucas rounded up 11 of our best employees and drove up to Halliburton. The ripping of the old roof was done in a day and completely sealed the next. The crew was then split up into panel folders and installers. The thing about Heritage panel is that unlike shingles, which are simply cut with an exacto blade, these take much more time and precision to cut and bend, using 2 different pairs of offset snips for every cut.

ottawa metal roof heritage panel

The deadly looking, railed spikes on the edge of the roof are snow guards, just in case you were wondering. This is going to be one beautiful, but sturdy roof; ready to take 50 years worth of beatings.

Ottawa Metal Roof – Should I get one or not?

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In this article we will discuss the features and benefits vs. the possible drawbacks of having a Metal Roof installed in Ottawa. Throughout this article remember to keep in mind whether you are a short-term investor or a regular home owner, as this will greatly impact your decision.

Features & Benefits

Expected life – A good quality Ottawa Metal Roof, having been professionally installed, should last as long as your house. They have a 40 to 50 year warranty and usually come with warranties for colour-fading as well. One of the reasons Ottawa Metal Roofs last so long is that it sheds snow very easily. Metal Roofs are also completely resistant to water, rot, insects and fire!

Weight – Where your average tile or concrete Roof weighs 700 – 950 lbs. per square (100 sq. ft.), Ottawa Metal Roofs only weigh 50 – 150 lbs. per square. This is ideal if you have an older home or if you are aware that your roofing truss may not be the sturdiest.

Minimal Roof pitch – Another great feature is that unlike shingle, Ottawa Metal Roofs can be installed on low pitched Roofs such as 3/12 (a rise of 3 inches over a distance of 12 inches)

Insulation – A properly installed metal roof combined with proper insulation can actually thwart off unwanted heat in the summer, helping you save on your air conditioning bill, or your 100 fans.

Long-Term Cost savings – If you plan to keep the home for a long time, you will be looking at big savings, as the roof will most likely never have to be replaced.


Cost – Ottawa Metal Roofs can be very expensive depending on the style, company and gauge of Metal you decide to go with. This is where you factor in whether you are a short-term investor or a regular homeowner. If you plan on keeping the house for a long time, this investment will pay back in spades, as you will likely never have to replace the Roof again in your lifetime. If you are moving in a couple years however, you will take a blow. While the Roof does increase the value of the home, it is not always safe to assume that the amount invested is the same amount by which your home will appreciate.

Noise – Depending on the insulation situation, the Roof could be noisy. If you live in a well-insulated home (attic) and the proper waterproofing measures have been taken before the installation of the Ottawa Metal Roof, you shouldn’t have a problem (subjectively speaking). If you are thinking of doing a cottage however, you may experience more noise, depending on the Roof type and the acoustics of the cottage itself. While some people find it annoying, others find the tapping rain romantic and soothing. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Denting – Depending on the company and gauge of Ottawa Metal Roof you decide on, your Roof may be subject to denting.

Expansion & Contraction – If you are working with a professional installer, you have nothing to worry about, as the fastening systems are designed to account for such change.


If you are looking for an estimate on an Ottawa Metal Roof, give us a shout and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote; free of course.

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5 Questions to ask when hiring an Ottawa Contracting Company

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This article  is a continuation of “Finding a reputable Ottawa Contractor”

  1. Does the Ottawa contracting company give estimates or quotes?ottawa contracting picture

An Estimate is an educated guess at best. A quote however, takes a little longer. In a quote, the contractor checks the prices of the materials with the supplier to make sure that things haven’t changed. The ottawa contracting company does an exact calculation and factors in the possibility of errors, so that the job doesn’t end up costing more than the quoted price

2. Is a proper design drafted for big projects?

When doing a big project, especially if it includes infrastructure additions, an Ottawa contractor should provide you with a drawing plan, and if they’re any good, they may also provide you with a 3D rendering .

3. Are you comfortable having them in, on and around your home?

Were they polite, well-mannered, well dressed (to a certain degree). Would you feel alright having these people in your home? Do you feel confident that if an employee did take something, the Foreman/supervisor/owner would replace it for you, whatever the cost? These are some of the things you should be asking yourself about Ottawa contracting companies.

4. What about a Warranty and Guaranty?

Usually, any material or finished product will have a manufacturer warranty. A good contractor will also provide a limited year workmanship warranty. Be sure to ask about this straight up, as this will indicate whether or not they are confident in their work.

5. Why Them?

Good companies will have policies, procedures, safety measures and common practices. A great way to probe a company and catch them off-guard is to ask them if they have an employee handbook. They may say they have policies and procedures, but without an employee handbook, how are the employees to know about these?


Asking these questions can save you lots of time and money in the long run in exchange for a little bit of work up front. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

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