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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Ottawa Exterior Renovations

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So… has your house taken a hit this winter or has it just been a while since you last did some maintenance? Our harsh Canadian/Ottawa climate can cause all kinds of damage to the house; Such as:

  • Expansion and contraction of building materials
  • Freezing of materials making them friable on impact
  • Erosion to the land
  • Eating of the driveway/stone way from salt & shovelling
  • Falling/clinging eaves trough from ice and snow build up
  • And lots more…

It is wise to take a walk around the perimeter of your house to see what kind of damages mother nature has gifted your house with this year. It’s good to spot problems early and head on as opposed to only finding out because you were wondering where all those bees were coming from, or why your ceiling is so moldy…

Lucas Contracting specializes in Ottawa Exterior Siding, for both residential and commercial project in Ottawa. If you have any questions, feel free to call us, no obligation. (613) 913-5539

Wondering what our roofing or Ottawa Exterior Siding work looks like? Check us out on Facebook: Lucas Contracting on facebook – Ottawa Siding

Construction Equipment Rentals In Ottawa and Perth

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equipment rentalIn trying to make your job easier, Lucas Contracting has put together a few reputable Ottawa construction rental equipment companies and Perth construction rental equipment companies for your consideration. The information was gathered when obtaining quotes for a Z60ft articulating knuckle boom for a job in Perth.

Ottawa Construction Rental Equipment Companies

Dickie Moore Rentals

Dickie Moore’s phones service was very professional and they agreed to match any other company’s price, as long as it made sense for them.

SMS Rentals

Received a quote within 15 minutes and it was hands down the cheapest quote.

Perth & Kingston Construction Rental Equipment Companies

Rental Village

Rental village’s customer service was fast and easy. A quote was given to us almost instantly without any hassle at all.

Battlefield Equipment rentals (Kingston)

Battlefield gave us a quote instantly. Great phone service. There quote was a little high however especially considering the fact they were closer to the site compared to some companies that quoted us from outside the city

If you have any more companies you would recommend please let us know in the comments box below and we will edit this post accordingly.


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Finding a Reputable Ottawa Contractor

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There are several things one should look for in order to reduce the chances of landing a dishonest/poorly experienced contractor in Ottawa. If at the end of the article you have a recommendation as to how to further refine ones search, please feel free to comment in the section below.

Is the Ottawa contractor on time for his estimate?

This might indicate whether the Ottawa contractor is timely in arriving to the jobsite in the mornings. Does he deliver on his promises or does he exceed deadlines. Find out whether or not his crew is timely, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You can request references to answer some of these questions.

Does the contractor drive a company vehicle?

Is the Ottawa contractor committed to a company? Is he proud to be a part of the team? These could be indicators as to whether the contractor is well established in Ottawa or just barely survives by finding uneducated consumers. If the contractor is driving a company vehicle it may be an indicator of a more established company as wraps do not necessarily come cheap… Depending on whom you hire to wrap it.

Is said contractor’s price lower than everyone else’s?

While we all love a good deal, often times (not always) price comes with quality workmanship. Good contractors know what their work is worth and know they have to make a profit in order to remain in business. A contractor that constantly underbids will not last long unless he has happy underpaid skilled labourers… Like that’s going to happen!

Here are some other things to look for:

-Is the contractor honest or is he trying to sell you things you don’t need?

-Has the contractor showed interest by following up regularly?

-Is the contractor knowledgeable about the sale/products?

-Does the Ottawa contractor have references?

-Is the contractor a member of any associations?

Still not sure about a contractor? Ask us

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Ottawa roofing & Ottawa Metal roof

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Ottawa Metal roofs are one of the fastest growing trends right now in the Ottawa roofing industry. People are starting to understand the advantages of Ottawa metal roofs over asphalt shingle roofs. Apart from the fact that Ottawa metal roofs have a 50 year warranty, last longer, don’t peel, insulate from weather and sound, they actually look nicer!

You can pick from many different colours. You can make your home stand out in the neighbourhood or you can keep it low profile and elegant. Either way, it is becoming widely adopted as a long term roofing solution.

lucas roofing metal roof

One group of people the Ottawa metal roof has become extremely popular with is solar system investors. The reason for this is that solar panels outlast asphalt shingle. You don’t want to be the guy that has to have all his solar panels removed, and possibly broken, just to replace a shingle roof. This is why the investors are spending that extra buck on a longer lasting roof that they will most likely never have to see torn off in their lifetime.

If you are looking for information on an Ottawa roofing contractor and don’t know who to turn to for advice, you may contact us. We roofers; we all know each other. We know who’s good and who’s better. Especially when it comes to an Ottawa metal roof, you want to make sure that it is being installed by a reputable Ottawa roofing company.

If you are looking for an estimate on an Ottawa metal roof, give us a shout and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Flat Roof – What is it?

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Whether you have been placed on a purchasing board and you are now In charge of reviewing tenders for Ottawa flat roof contractors, looking to get into flat roofing in Ottawa, or you are just curious about flat roof repair in Ottawa, this blog post is for you.

What is Flat Roofing you say?

Flat roofing is exactly what it sounds like. It is an exterior finishing for the roof. Ottawa Flat roofs are generally installed on commercial buildings as opposed to residential; this is due to the way houses are built. While Ottawa flat roofs are generally found on commercial buildings, you may also find them on some Ottawa residential properties, here and there.

While Flat roofs are generally installed on a completely flat roof, you may sometimes find it on a slightly sloped (also known as pitch) roof.

Alright, let’s take a look at what an Ottawa flat roof consists of.

Ottawa Flat roofs are made of tar or tarpaper, which is then covered in gravel. This is to keep the heat off of it, repel UV rays, prevents any kind of blistering or cracking and protects it from the elements. The decking on the roof can be plywood, OSB boards (oriented strand board, or sterling board). Using a tar kettle, the tar is heated, and then applied in one or multiple coats to seal off the roof. Or is the case of tar paper, they are laid out and the joints are sealed together by hot tar.

Whether you are in need of:

Lucas Contracting is at your service at can be contacted at any time at the following number:

Office: 613 913 5539
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Advantages of Wakefield Bridge Roof

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A common response to our suggestion of re-doing Ottawa customers’ roof with Wakefield Bridge is “huh”? Let us tell you why Wakefield Bridge is an ideal investment, specifically in Ottawa Ontario.

Lucas Roofing, a subdivision of Lucas Contracting has been installing Wakefield Bridge in Ottawa and the surrounding areas for quite a while now and we can definitely say that when a customer chooses to go this route we lose return business because this product is top of the line and long lasting. Wakefield Bridge is a Metal Roof made of sheet metal.

lucas contracting metal roof

Here are some of the advantages of Wakefield Bridge and how our geographic location benefits from these advantages.

Advantages of Wakefield Bridge


The variety of colours available for Wakefield Bridge Shingles is sure to accommodate everyone. With Colours such as Granite Grey, Alpine Evergreen, Black Mica, Mustang Brown, Terra Red, Classic Copper and much more, you are bound to find a colour you’ll absolutely love!

Cooling costs

Wakefield Bridge reduces the amount you will spend on air conditioning due to its Cool Roof® Solar Reflection Tech

Environmentally friendly

Seeing as these tiles are made of sheet metal, they are fully recyclable, which means they will not be thrown into a landfill with the regular asphalt shingles. Although, we doubt you’ll ever get to see these shingles torn off as Wakefield Bridge comes with a 50 year Warranty and under the proper circumstances could actually outlive YOU!

Other advantages

As previously mentioned, Wakefield Bridge is a sturdy sheet metal. What you don’t know is that when it is installed, it has lips that are tucked in to the surrounding shingles, making the tile extremely resistant to both harsh weather and strong winds. Not only this, the slick surface of the metal allows for easy run-off of water and snow (and sometimes roofers) into the eaves trough, reducing long term wear and tear from the elements, which affect asphalt shingle. And of course while the metal has a solar reflection technology to reflect solar heat it still heats up enough to melt the undesired snow on the roof.

Lucas Contracting is an expert in Ottawa Metal Roof Installations in Ottawa and the surrounding areas within Ontario. Feel free to contact us for a free Ottawa metal roof estimate or otherwise and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Contact us

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Ottawa Solar Panels

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If you are among the smart investors in Ottawa you may have been looking into the ROI of a MicroFIT Ottawa solar system; either for your home or business. The fact of the matter is there are very few investment types that are as sure as solar panels. The guarantee that a company may make a any amount of money in a certain quarter is insubstantial in comparison to the fact the sun shall shine.
Ottawa solar system

Just in case you were wondering, the average return on investment of a solar system in Ottawa under the current system prices and technology is 15 ROI with an average break-even point of 7 to 8 years.

If you have been considering an Ottawa solar system, call Lucas Contracting at 613 913 5539 or even come visit us at 2013 Prince of Wales dr., Ottawa, Ontario. K2C 3J7

Ottawa Metal Roof (part 2)

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In this article we will address common questions relating to Ottawa Metal Roofs. This is due to the several inquiries we’ve had over the past year or so, asking the same questions. In order to save you time and help you find the right contractor for your Ottawa metal roof, we have compiled this list of questions with the appropriate answers.

Will the roof match my home; and what about the neighborhood style?

We understand you are a fashion conscious and considerate person; we really do, but there really isn’t anything to worry about since there are many different styles to choose from. Many of these roofs mimic asphalt shingle and look exactly like it. Come to our office at 2013 Prince of Wales and we can show you the different options. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can order it; No Big Deal. Read More

Ottawa METAL Roof (Part 1)

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In this article we will address common questions relating to Ottawa Metal Roofs. This is due to the several inquiries we’ve had over the past year or so, asking the same questions. In order to save you time and help you find the right contractor for your Ottawa metal roof, we have compiled this list of questions with the appropriate answers.

Is an Ottawa Metal Roof more expensive than a regular (asphalt shingle) roof?

In the short-run, yes; In the long-run, no way! Here are some things to consider when contemplating the purchase of an Ottawa Metal roof. Read More