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Lucas Contracting is a local roofing contractor in the Ottawa area that can handle any sized job with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction. We specialize in roof repair, aluminum and metal roofing, home construction and solar power installations. Our home renovation company is known for our integrity, hard work ethic and tenacity. We provide you with superior service that you can count on time and time again.

Every job is tackled with seamless project management to maximize efficiency and to minimize any inconvenience for our clients. We go the extra distance to make your dream project a reality! Read more about us.

Our Roof Warranty & Exterior Renovation Guarantee

Our exterior renovation services are guaranteed for 10 years and our interior work for one full year.

our company guarantee

Our Services

Construction & Renovations

We take on any size construction task, big or small. Our seamless project management ensures professional and cost-effective service for every job.

Professional Roofers

We do roof repairs, shingle replacement, commercial metal and flat roofing, green roofing, seamless gutters, Wakefield Bridge, Decra and Euroshield installations

Solar Installations

We can install the right solar setup for your needs whether you’re looking to build an off-grid dwelling or sell the power to the hydro company.

Photo Gallery

Click through to view a high-quality photo gallery of our past work. See for yourself how we have built our loyal client base locally and throughout eastern Ontario.


construction Skilled Experienced Craftsmen

The Lucas Contracting team is driven to be the best at what we do. No matter if it’s a large scale commercial roofing job or a small residential bathroom renovation our team members have the experience and industry knowledge to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

construction-blueprintFull Project Transparency

We understand that as a customer you want to be kept in the loop no matter what the job. We take a personal, informative approach with our customers and we make sure to keep you well informed at all times about the status of your project.

construction All Jobs Are Covered By Our Warranty

We’re confidant in our skilled team and quality work we produce. We guarantee that our work will hold up for years to come. Metal roofing, flat roofing and asphalt shingling are covered by our 10 year warranty while indoor jobs such as home renovations are covered for 1 year.

construction Several excellent references

One of the best ways to learn about a company is to ask them for references. At Lucas Contracting, we have genuine unsolicited references and testimonials from our past customers . Contact us and we will put you in Communications.

constructionAccurate Quotes and Pricing

We have excellent systems in place to make very precise estimations as to what your project will cost. Our inspectors are very experienced and are knowledgeable enough to give you accurate quotes that you can feel confidant about.

constructionWe Meet And Exceed Industry Standards

Our work is always up to code. In fact, often times we will exceed industry standards to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, most long lasting product. We want your new roof or newly remodeled home to last you many years to come

construction $5,000,000 Of Liability Insurance

Did you know that Lucas Contracting is covered with commercial general liability insurance from BFL Canada? The policy insures each job for up to $5,000,000 and includes hot application roofing which offers protection for commercial flat roofing projects.

construction Reliable And Dependable

Nothing is worse than contractors who are always late, don’t return phone calls or that leave jobs unfinished. At Lucas Contracting we pride ourselves in our punctuality and dependability. We work very hard to meet the promised deadline.

constructionHelpful Customer Support Team

Our team is well trained and ready to answer your questions with a smile. From our inspection agents to our phone support staff, to our roofing and construction team, each member of Lucas Contracting takes the same approach to customer support and satisfaction.

constructionCustomer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

We work extremely hard and will go the extra mile to make you happy! That’s one of the main reasons our company see’s such a high rate of repeat business and referrals. There’s nothing better than seeing our clients smile at the end of a job well done.


construction New Home Construction:

There are lots of home builders to choose from. The problem is many that you may find have a very limited vocabulary when it comes to homes. If you build in a particular neighborhood, you may get to choose from four or five models to have built…

construction Weatherproofing:

When your home was constructed, insulation was used within the walls as well as the roof. This is done to help keep the heat out during the summer and the heat in during the winter. Without any kind of insulation, the temperature inside would be the same…

construction Interior Renovations:

There are a number of ways for you to improve the look of your home. DIY projects can often go horribly wrong, which is why it is better to hire a professional contractor in the first place. You will save time and money and be guaranteed that the results will…

construction Landscaping:

Did you know that Lucas Contracting offers a wide range of professional landscaping services? We take pleasure in working with you to make your vision a reality. Custom renovations, home building and roofing services are no problem at all… in fact, we love to create the perfect landscape to cater to what…

construction Exterior Construction:

Exterior renovations are just as important as interior ones. The outside of your home is the first thing that neighbors, guests and potential home buyers see. There are a number of ways that you can enhance the outside of your home with exterior renovations…

construction Foundation Repairs:

For older homes, it’s normal for the house to settle into the ground. When the house settles, a little bit of cracking in the foundation is perfectly normal. It’s just the weight of the home settling into the earth. However, when the foundation begins to crack…

construction Open Concept Designs:

If you love a clean, warm, stylish environment there is no reason why you can’t embrace that throughout various aspects of your home. We have some beautiful weather year-round, so when you utilize open air designs in the construction of your home you…


construction Decra Roof:

Decra offers a wide range of highly durable and cost effective roofing options. If you have been looking for a Decra roof installation company, look no further. Want an even more cost effective option? Check out Discount Metal Roofing.

construction Euroshield Shingles:

Euroshield shingles are a premium quality roofing product made from over 95% recycled materials. Through a unique fabrication process which involves the melting down of tires destined for the landfill Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M.) Inc. has…

construction Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles:

Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are produced by a local roofing manufacturer called Ideal Roofing which was established in 1929 and has a longstanding, well trusted reputation. Ideal Roofing uses state-of-the-art multi-blanking lines…

construction Ottawa Skylights:

Velux skylights are a great way to enhance the look of your home with a natural lighting spectrum that keeps things bright and vibrant around your house. Having a skylight or two installed can also save you from overusing artificial lighting and energy during…

Steel Roofing Installation Metal Roofing Contractors:

Our clients often choose metal roofing in Ottawa over asphalt shingles because of quality and longevity. With an average 25-50 year warranty and the possibility your metal roof will last over a century, it would not be surprising if a metal roof is the last one you…

construction Seamless Gutters:

Aluminum seamless gutters also known as eavestroughs are an integral part of any modern home. Not only do they keep your home’s foundation dry which is incredibly important, but they also prevent erosion and keep your yard clean by concentrating the…

construction Flat Roofing in Ottawa:

Flat roofing is a specialty job and demands the attention of a well trained, professional team. If done incorrectly, a botched job can lead to pooling water, leaks, and damage to the roofs supporting structure. That’s why it’s important you hire a roofing…

construction Green Roof Sales & Install:

Today more then ever, green roof technology is becoming more widespread. Ecological benefits like storm-water retention, reduction of energy consumption and expanded roof life are just a few of the reasons for the increase in popularity. At Lucas Roofing…

constructionAsphalt Shingles:

Do the asphalt shingles on your roof look like they are getting worn down and the granules are falling off exposing the base layer? This is actually quite a common occurrence; these types of shingles typically need to be replaced every 12-20 years depending…

construction Deck Waterproofing:

At Lucas Contracting we offer quality deck waterproofing services that will keep your deck protected, even against Ontario’s harsh rain and snow. For over 65% of our wood deck waterproofing jobs we use a cutting edge product called Alsan Trafik HP. This high…

construction Sagging Truss Repair:

If you have noticed that your roof is sagging lately, it is likely due to a damaged or broken truss below your roof line. Letting the problem go untreated can be detrimental to the health of your roof. It is imperative that the roof be fixed properly and by…


constructionSolar Panel Installation:

Solar panels are a great way to take advantage of the heat of the sun and save a significant amount of money on your electric bill each month. You may or may not know much about solar panels in Ottawa and how to set up the systems. As a result, we offer a wide…

construction Home Maintenance:

A complex solar energy system might not always cooperate when you want it to. If you are having any kind of trouble with your solar panel system, we can send one of our technicians out to help you troubleshoot the problem. From panel installation to getting…


construction Roof Inspection:

Lucas Roofing offers professional roof inspections throughout the province. We offer a full service inspection at a great price! For homeowners, an inspection doesn’t cost much money, and is quite a worthwhile investment when you consider…

construction Home Inspection:

Home inspections are an asset to both home buyers and sellers. Getting a professional home inspection will identify any possible problems with the residence and will help to determine the value of your home. We will evaluate the homes major systems…

List Of Ottawa Roofing & Renovations Services

Home Construction: Kitchen and bathroom remodelling, home construction, townhouse construction, small office building construction, demolition, room and house extensions, insulation, weatherproofing, painting, drywall repair, deck and patio, fences, landscaping, unistone driveways and pathways, concrete steps, basement finishing, hardwood floor installations, general renovations.

Roofing: Asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, sagging truss repairs, metal roofing, EPDM, TPO and modified bitumen flat roofing, general roof repairs, Wakefield Bridge, Decra roofing, steel shingles, heritage metal, sheet metal roofing, commercial metal roofing, Euroshield, seamless gutter installations, green roofing, deck waterproofing, skylights.

Solar: Solar panel installations, grid-tied solar setups, off-grid solar, installing grid-tie inverters, MPPT charge controllers, custom solar energy system design and troubleshooting, Ontario FIT and microFIT programs, solar array tracking, farm solar installations, business solar installations, residential solar installation.