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Why Choose Lucas Contracting?

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If you are a property owner planning a renovation, there are many Ottawa contracting companies to choose from. Let’s explore what sets Lucas Contracting apart from the competition:

Skilled Team

No matter the size or scope of the project, our skilled and experienced team are driven to deliver the best results day in and day out. Each and every member is committed to putting their best foot forward and putting in a proud day’s work to finish your project to perfection.

Friendly Service

In addition to our roofing and construction teams on the ground, the Lucas Contracting team also includes phone support staff. No matter their role, every individual in the company believes in being friendly and informative with clients.

Full Project Transparency

We know that your home or building is your baby. Whether we’re building a custom home from scratch or doing a simple roof repair, you deserve to be kept informed at every stage of the project. We keep our clients well-informed and up on all the latest progress as we get the job done.

Exceed Industry Standards

We believe that standards aren’t made to be met, they’re made to be exceeded. Not only is all of our work up to code, but we go beyond to give you the most durable and highest quality products available. Good is never good enough.

Excellent References

What better way to learn about an Ottawa contracting company’s results than to ask previous clients? We are happy to provide you with testimonials and references from countless satisfied clients.

Precise Quotes

When you’re trying to budget for home renovations, you need an accurate price estimate. This is why we trust experienced inspectors to make precise quotes with confidence.

Professional Decorum

Far too many Ottawa contracting companies show unprofessional behaviour. Showing up late? Dodging calls? Shabby job? It simply won’t happen with Lucas Contracting. We make it a point of pride to be punctual, dependable, and do everything possible to finish jobs on schedule.

Solid Warranty

Our projects are built to last. This is why we are proud to have over a ten-year warranty on exterior repairs like metal roofing, flat roofing, and asphalt shingling. Interior home renovations are covered by a one-year warning so if anything goes awry, we’ll fix it or replace it right away.

Liability Insurance

All of our projects are covered by up to $5,000,000 in commercial general liability insurance from BFL Canada. In the extremely rare event that anything goes wrong, liability insurance will take care of it all.

Customer Satisfaction

Above all, we are driven to satisfy each and every client who trust their home or property to us. We recognize it as a huge responsibility, but our long list of satisfied clients proves that it’s always worth the effort.

Contact us today to find out why Lucas Contracting is the superior choice for your roofing project or interior renovation.

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