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Flat Roof – What is it?

By March 27, 2013 Blog, Roofing No Comments

Whether you have been placed on a purchasing board and you are now In charge of reviewing tenders for Ottawa flat roof contractors, looking to get into flat roofing in Ottawa, or you are just curious about flat roof repair in Ottawa, this blog post is for you.

What is Flat Roofing you say?

Flat roofing is exactly what it sounds like. It is an exterior finishing for the roof. Ottawa Flat roofs are generally installed on commercial buildings as opposed to residential; this is due to the way houses are built. While Ottawa flat roofs are generally found on commercial buildings, you may also find them on some Ottawa residential properties, here and there.

While Flat roofs are generally installed on a completely flat roof, you may sometimes find it on a slightly sloped (also known as pitch) roof.

Alright, let’s take a look at what an Ottawa flat roof consists of.

Ottawa Flat roofs are made of tar or tarpaper, which is then covered in gravel. This is to keep the heat off of it, repel UV rays, prevents any kind of blistering or cracking and protects it from the elements. The decking on the roof can be plywood, OSB boards (oriented strand board, or sterling board). Using a tar kettle, the tar is heated, and then applied in one or multiple coats to seal off the roof. Or is the case of tar paper, they are laid out and the joints are sealed together by hot tar.

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