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How To Choose Your Ottawa General Contractor

By July 25, 2014 Blog No Comments

Here are some tips to help you hire trustworthy and experienced Ottawa general contractors to provide you with the renovation services you require for your home renovations:

Ask Around

Ask friends and family if they know of a contractor they have worked with in the past. Nothing is better than finding someone who has a proven track record working with someone you trust.

Do your Research

Once you have some names do your research. Make some calls, check out their websites, read further testimonials and view their online portfolios of jobs they have completed.

Call a Short List

Following your research make a short list of Ottawa general contractors you would like to call. You can then do some quick interviews to find the contractors who are available as well as who will be able to offer the services you require. Ask some basic questions including:

  • Can they handle the scope of work required for your project?
  • Do they have experience in doing this type of work?
  • Can they offer financial references (to ensure they are not fly by night contractors)?
  • How many jobs do they handle at once?
  • When would they be able to start your project?

You should then end up with three or four Ottawa general contractors you would like to meet face to face. Set up appointments to provide them with a tour of your home and to review the work you would like them to handle. Ask specific questions while they are there and make sure you communicate well. You do not want to end up with a contractor that is difficult to understand. You want someone who will be patient and explain everything in layman’s terms so you will always know what is going on during the project. Ask if you can visit a current job site and for references of clients you can call.

Detailed Quotes

Ask each contractor for a detailed quote with a breakdown of everything from materials to tradespeople and compare costs and fees. Ask them how they will work if it looks like the costs will go over budget and ensure they will consult with you before proceeding with costly issues when they arise. Make sure materials are about 40 percent of the costs.

These tips will help you find the Ottawa general contractors you can trust to complete your project on time and on budget.

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