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Five Renovation Ideas for 2015

2015 promises to be the year of interesting textures on walls, ceilings and floors. Here are five renovation ideas to help you update your home with these exciting 2015 home design trends:

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings create architectural detail with a modern edge. The coffered ceilings of recent years are being replaced with a contemporary design detail available in a number of finishes and colours. This easy to install ceiling uses a series of frames and tightly pulled materials in the colour and texture of your choice. They allow for interesting lighting features as well as make it easy to access ducts and other electrical details without the need for messy tear downs. It is the perfect simple solution to cover unpopular “popcorn” ceilings without the need for scraping and dusty drywall jobs.

Open Shelving

You can create interest on walls using open shelving. Open shelving adds levels and texture as well as much needed storage space. You can opt for open shelving instead of the claustrophobic look of upper cabinets in the kitchen. Display colourful plates and state of the art small appliances or create interesting collections of pottery or antique copper cookware. You can use open shelving for books, electronics or thoughtfully placed art and objects of interest in any room in the home.


Textures are popping up on every surface from floors to walls and even backsplashes. Some textures are designed to mimic the natural marring found on stone surfaces. These interesting honed textures are being added to the once smooth surfaces of backsplashes and countertops. You can also create texture using fabrics and textiles, wallpaper or specialty paint treatments.

Accent Walls

Accent walls create a focal point in a room but can also add interest to boring or awkward areas. You can paint a wall at the end of a hall in a distinct colour or apply an interesting wallpaper. Alcoves can be made cozier in interesting areas such as bay windows with the addition of a warm or vibrant colour.

Wood Paneling

This isn’t your parent’s wood paneling found in the rec rooms of the 70’s, instead it is rich and natural to create interesting focal points on major walls in the home. Look for interesting V angle installation to give real wood paneling a modern twist.

These ideas add simple updates to your tired home to create a fresh, new look for 2015.

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