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Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

By November 26, 2014 Bathrooms, Ottawa, Renovations No Comments

Bathroom renovations offer you the chance to enjoy spa like luxury in your own home every day. When considering bathroom renovations in your home there are several things you can add to achieve a stylish, luxurious look:

Walk in Shower

A walk in shower has become a bathroom must for modern homes. In fact, shower rooms are even more popular. Large spacious showers allow you to enter the shower without fear of tripping. You will have plenty of space to luxuriate in the warm water with the addition of multiple shower heads and even a steam shower option. If space allows many homeowners appreciate the addition of a built in bench. Benches provide the perfect place for tasks such as shaving legs and for overall relaxing. A bench is also ideal if you have a steam shower feature as you can sit and relax much like a sauna. Your entire shower experience will be changed with the addition of a walk in shower complete with stunning tile detail and glass walls and doors.

Soaker Tub

In addition to your walk in shower it is always nice to have a soaker tub for the perfect retreat at the end of a long, hard day. Soaker tubs come in a number of styles and can become a stunning focal point in beautifully designed bathrooms. Tubs have become sculptured and molded as a major design feature in bathroom remodels. They even come in a number of different materials including copper, stone, faux stone and other interesting colours and designs. You can create an even more striking focal point by hanging an elegant chandelier overhead or consider interesting lighting effects surrounding the tub to help set a relaxing mood.

Deep Sinks

Deep sinks are all the rage in designer bathrooms. A deep sink can be designed as part of your counter tops or installed as an undermount in a number of different styles and materials. Make sure you have the space below for deep sinks. Consider the potential loss of counter space and storage space in cabinets and drawers. They also work well for floating vanities as they add a feeling of substance to the room. Deep sinks can be custom designed to meet your needs. Some homeowners are even installing industrial style sinks designed for use in restaurants.

Creating beautifully designed bathrooms is easy with these three stylish features.

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