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Advantages of Wakefield Bridge Roof

By March 27, 2013 Blog, Roofing No Comments

A common response to our suggestion of re-doing Ottawa customers’ roof with Wakefield Bridge is “huh”? Let us tell you why Wakefield Bridge is an ideal investment, specifically in Ottawa Ontario.

Lucas Roofing, a subdivision of Lucas Contracting has been installing Wakefield Bridge in Ottawa and the surrounding areas for quite a while now and we can definitely say that when a customer chooses to go this route we lose return business because this product is top of the line and long lasting. Wakefield Bridge is a Metal Roof made of sheet metal.

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Here are some of the advantages of Wakefield Bridge and how our geographic location benefits from these advantages.

Advantages of Wakefield Bridge


The variety of colours available for Wakefield Bridge Shingles is sure to accommodate everyone. With Colours such as Granite Grey, Alpine Evergreen, Black Mica, Mustang Brown, Terra Red, Classic Copper and much more, you are bound to find a colour you’ll absolutely love!

Cooling costs

Wakefield Bridge reduces the amount you will spend on air conditioning due to its Cool Roof® Solar Reflection Tech

Environmentally friendly

Seeing as these tiles are made of sheet metal, they are fully recyclable, which means they will not be thrown into a landfill with the regular asphalt shingles. Although, we doubt you’ll ever get to see these shingles torn off as Wakefield Bridge comes with a 50 year Warranty and under the proper circumstances could actually outlive YOU!

Other advantages

As previously mentioned, Wakefield Bridge is a sturdy sheet metal. What you don’t know is that when it is installed, it has lips that are tucked in to the surrounding shingles, making the tile extremely resistant to both harsh weather and strong winds. Not only this, the slick surface of the metal allows for easy run-off of water and snow (and sometimes roofers) into the eaves trough, reducing long term wear and tear from the elements, which affect asphalt shingle. And of course while the metal has a solar reflection technology to reflect solar heat it still heats up enough to melt the undesired snow on the roof.

Lucas Contracting is an expert in Ottawa Metal Roof Installations in Ottawa and the surrounding areas within Ontario. Feel free to contact us for a free Ottawa metal roof estimate or otherwise and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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