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5 Reasons to Choose Renovations over Moving

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Is your home cramped? Are you tired of staring at lime green kitchen tiles, you’re your home had a bathroom on the main floor, or terrified to go into your musty, unfinished basement? You have three options – live miserably in the status quo, renovate, or move.

If you are considering moving to a new home in your Ottawa, then you should take a moment to reconsider. Every year, millions of Canadians needlessly move in an attempt to find something better in their area, only to find themselves stressed financially and emotionally, regretting the decision. Before you close on a new home, let’s take a moment to review five reasons to choose renovations over moving.

The Financial Impact

Moving is an expensive proposition. Between real estate commission, lawyers’ fees, and any new furniture, appliances, décor, or random home supplies you need to buy, it gets expensive fast. Add in buying boxes and packing supplies, paying for movers and or renting a moving truck…it’s expensive. Now imagine you move in and discover the deck is structurally unsound and needs to be replaced. The roof has a leak. There’s mould growth in the basement. Dollars just pouring out of your pocket. Yes, renovations won’t be cheap, but they are worth every penny and every dollar goes to improving the look, feel, and value of your home.

The “Grass Is Greener” Phenomenon

It is not uncommon for people to see only the bad and none of the good when it comes to their current property. Frequent issues can sour us to home repair and the costs that come with it. Before moving, be aware of the “grass is greener” phenomenon. This is where we see something else as better, because we register only the good and the possible without fully acknowledging the challenges that will come with a new property.

A Lot Can Be Done With Your Existing Home

You can place an addition on the exterior of your home. You can consider an interior decorator to do a makeover on your home. You can turn spaces into livable spaces like a basement or an attic. You can knock down walls for an open concept renovation. You can create an income suite in the basement, a master retreat in the attic, or a charming coach house in the backyard. You can go modern, go retro, and let your personality shine. There are countless ways to improve your existing home and put in it the things you want from the house you are considering buying. A professional renovator can help make a lot of these changes possible.

Chance Of Being Burned (Existing Problems)

We skimmed over this in #1. There is a chance that you will face unexpected problems with the new home that the current owner is less than forthcoming with. Be aware that just because it looks good before purchase it does not mean that there are not serious things that may need to be addressed by you once you buy.

Moving May Not Satisfy The Underlying Issue

People sometimes move because they are dissatisfied with their current point in life and are looking for a change. Rather than spending a lot of money on a new home, consider instead the benefits of investing in what you have. Whether the investment is in the home or in you, saving money is guaranteed.

Consider Hiring A Professional

The secret to a successful home renovation is hiring a professional home renovation contractor that you can trust. With years of experience providing practical solutions to the problems you currently face, you will find the assistance of a professional to be invaluable. Whether they are simply providing guidance or doing the work they, you have a lot to gain by hiring their services.


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