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5 Problems that Can Affect your Home in the Winter

The constant changes of winter weather can pose some issues for your home. Here are five problems you should prepare for to keep your home safe and sound this winter:

Ice Dams

Ice dams form at the edge of your roof and force water back up the shingles leading to leaks. When your roof is poorly insulated and your gutters are in poor condition ice dams can cause serious water damage due to leaks. In order to avoid ice dams you can do the following:

• Clear your gutters of debris
• Add gutter guards
• Make sure your attic is insulated and properly vented
• Install a membrane to repel water in your attic

Freezing Pipes

Pipes that are vulnerable to freezing include those in the attic, on outside walls as well as in crawl spaces. Freezing pipes will expand and often burst leading to costly water damage and even potential flooding. To avoid freezing pipes you can:

• Insulate outside walls, attics and crawl spaces properly
• Seal all holes in the outside of your home such as those around cables
• Allow a slow trickle of water from faucets leading to vulnerable pipes
• Use insulating sleeves on exposed pipes

Roof and Wall Issues

Your roof and walls protect your home from the cold. If there are any leaks or openings it will make your home more vulnerable. To avoid leaks and issues you should:
• Have a roof inspection to ensure your shingles are all secure
• Seal any cracks in your masonry between bricks as well as in the foundation Ottawa homes may see damage

Heating and Fireplace

You may heat your home using a fireplace, furnace, space heaters and even a wood burning stove. Each of these heating elements has its own risks. Make certain you:

• Avoid anything flammable coming into contact with any of your heat sources
• Avoid having too many heaters and other electrical items plugged into one source
• Have your fireplace and furnace serviced as the winter approaches
• Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working


Take care of these flood threats:

• The foundation Ottawa homeowners have should be kept clear of snow
• Keep street basins clear to allow for drainage
• Remove property obstructions that could force water towards your foundation to avoid leaks

Being prepared will help you avoid costly damage from these five common winter problems.

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