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5 Creative Stretch Ceiling Ideas

By September 22, 2015 Stretch Ceilings No Comments
5 Creative Stretch Ceiling Ideas

Home renovation and interior work is a booming industry. With individuals taking their own inspiration and finding the right home renovation contractors, truly amazing things result. From rooms that define classy to those that defy expectations, there is no end to the variety and variation. Let’s take a moment to consider how stretch ceilings play into this and examine five creative stretch ceiling ideas.

So What Is A Stretch Ceiling Exactly?

A stretch ceiling was originally invented in Europe as a means to enhance interior design. Generally speaking, a thin film or plastic is stretched over the ceiling to create a beautiful profile that is stunning. Able to be shaped to the room that it is in, stretch ceilings can be placed below most ceilings, creating a truly remarkable look that will both please and inspire house guests. In addition, when seeking the help of companies or general contractors with experience in stretch ceilings, you will be able to minimize the frame and incorporate the overall design seamlessly into your room. So, what are some creative stretch ceiling ideas?

1. Sunlit Sky

A series of scientific papers have drawn links between our moods and the context clues around us. In particular, nature as well as the sun play an important role in shaping how we feel. As a result, a popular stretch ceiling idea, especially for those in basement apartments or where there is limited sky visibility is the cloud-filled sky stretch ceiling.

2. The Stars

A popular option for kids, having a stretch ceiling of the night sky can add charm and interest in a kid’s room. In addition, it can serve as a beautiful backdrop when the lights are turned out at night and the child goes to sleep.

3. A Secondary Flair

Many ceiling that make use of stretch ceilings also make use of multi-level ceiling design. With this design, there is the original ceiling. Cut into the original ceiling and raised an additional six inches is a raised segment that uses a stretch ceiling. The end result is that the ceiling looks like it ends and then opens up into whatever beautiful pattern you decide to use.

4. Merge Wall with Ceiling

Ceiling stretches have also been used to merge colors and designs between ceilings and wall. Utilizing the tiered ceiling designed discussed above, many people make their ceiling stretch the same color as the wall, continuing a visual aesthetic on the ceiling.

5. Defy Expectation

Ceiling stretches are perfect for optical illusions. Whether you are creating a vortex that makes a flat space look fully 3D or are simply playing around with expectations by putting a scene that would not normally be found on the ceiling, the options are only limited by your creativity and the expertise of your renovation contractor.

Contact Lucas Contracting today to discuss the stretch ceiling possibilities available to your home or business.

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